Spend the Day with Me in Paris! WITH DIOR!!!!!! | Jackie Aina

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Soooooooo I’m KIND OF over the moon that I actually got to go to Paris with Christian Dior! I filmed the entire day leading up to the show and I hope you guys enjoy!

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Lauren's Lip Glossary says:

That leather skirt ooooooh girl you look so hot!!!! Also that Fresh Rose mask is seriously my favorite ever!

Belva Lovette says:

this is honestly one of the best fashion shows I've ever seen. I love how Dior put things together. amazing you were part of this! Thanks for sharing Jackie 💕

Samantha Pandolph says:

That outfit tho..i love it. Love dior and u ..of course. I would love to b in your shoes

Tinka Marie Official says:

Omg Jackie you the only Leo i like and im a Virgo lol i think i just dont like male leos then lol so i feel you on not liking a certain gender of signs. Like im not fond of male virgos either.

Soleil A. Jones says:

I strive to be as successful as Jackie one day. She is the definition of hard work paying off in THEE BEST way possible! You’re so inspiring, Auntie Jackie 💛

Miss Mimi says:

Melanin winning!

Haley Bonsall says:

I’m a Virgo ❤️❤️

Hey, I'mValarie says:

Hey lol my husband and I are both a Sagittarius haha. My daughter is just turning 1 and a scorpio…. It going to be an interesting… rest of my life ahhaha. The lighter and the liner! That's old school!

Temara Billey says:

Noooo Jackie! Ima sag you right, we trifling tho😭

KD .27 says:

LEO GANGG 🤟🏻 i love you more now lmao 💓

Krhodes02 says:

Geez Jackie your so pretty😍❤️

Fefe B says:


Krhodes02 says:

I’m a woman Sag😁

Your_African_Gyall says:

Why was i in Paris about a week before you were?😢

T. Leshaè says:

Yass come through with the cancer ♋️ love

Jordan E says:

Oh, I’m a cancer sis! Let’s be friends.

heidi toussaint says:

Cancer babies got to loveeeeee us,,who don't 😘😘😘😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Monifa 360 says:

What am amazing life you live. You have worked so hard to achieve such success ❤

MPDsQT1 says:

You and Mr. Daniel, so cute!!!!

Courtney5cents says:

oh I loved this video! that black Dior outfit everythinggggg

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