SNCC: Did Tati REALLY Deserve The Backlash? My Thoughts On Kiki Chanel’s Response.

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Watch Tati’s Full Review Here:

Watch Kiki’s Video Here:

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BeauTea With Ashlee says:

Hey guys! I originally had clips from the Kiki video in mine to reference what I’m talking about, but there was copyright issues, so I ended up just taking them all out. I apologize if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. I did link both videos in the description box if you care enough to check either of them out. ❤️

Bo-Dara Powell says:

The issue a lot of people had wasn't so much bad review , it was more the fact the her vibe was off the entire video from the start. Also the fact that it felt like she sort of went into it with a bad opinion on MUR and it felt like she was going to hate it. I can see both sides, I've watched a lot of Tati reviews and this one did have a different feel, I'm not saying Tatis opinion was wrong ( I personally love the Emily Edit palletes) and I understand that she wasn't her best health wise that day. I just think that she should have done a differ video and left the Emily Review until she was 100%.

Mary Dork says:

I don't have a problem with a bad review. I have both palettes and they do work for me. It's the way I feel Tati went about it. It also isn't right for Tati to be attacked. Two wrongs don't make a right. At the end of the day, I have a mind of my own and a good/bad review won't keep me from purchasing or passing on a product.

Robin's Nest says:

girl i feel ya. 1 pregnancy i went into labor the night i came back home from a check up from the doctor lol. second back labor like hell he was 2 weeks early. 3 pregnancy twins 5 weeks early again came home from the doctors. 4 pregnancy again came home from check up 6 weeks early again back labor and this time front labor.
i had my water broke with every one, so dont go by the movies …

Brooke Gorham says:

i totally agree with you and who tf is kiki??? Condescending quite frankly to Tati. I personally swatched it at Ulta and i didnt like it either an i looooooooooove Emily. For drugstore its was ok but the face palette was awful.Im surprised Emily approved these tbh.

Erika Ponce says:

First off congratulations I'm new to your channel so didnt know you were pregnant. Dont feel bad I have gone into L&D twice to get her checked out she is a very lazy baby hardly moves and I have called the hospital couple of times. It's better to be safe then sorry. My doctor told if you feel a tightness pressure more then 6 times every hour for 2 hours straight go into L&D. I have a lot of cramping so hoping she will be here soon 6 more weeks to go.

Caseumsxo says:

Girl. I thought I was going into labor ALL THE TIME. Braxton Hicks sucks SO BAD, and the time I was actually going into labor, I was in labor for like… almost 30 hours because I thought I was getting Braxton Hicks the night before and the day I delivered I had my last OBGYN appointment and he was like "you're 5cm dilated; I'll see you later today." Being pregnant is definitely an adventure LOOL~ Good luck lady! sending you the best wishes for when it happens! Keep calm and everything will go smoothly !

Kinlee S. says:

Very unbiased opinion. Good job.

Cami Aguirre says:

Kiki starts her video by saying Tati's review was biased. I really didn't understand what grounds she had to say that, other than Tati having a different opinion than hers. If that is the case, does this mean we can accuse Kiki of being biased if we don't agree with her as well?

DRLU17 LALI says:

Everyone here saying she didn't deserve it? maybe she did, she was shady af! and people sense it. She was channeling her inner Manny o LL, Tati play in the mean girls team, don't forget who were her besties no long ago, and she was defending her friendship with the demons all over social media. She still besties with James Charles which is another self entitled brat.

Rosa M says:

Tati was acting strange compared to what people are used to seeing on an almost daily basis. I don’t really care if she didn’t like the Needs palette because I already own it and love it. It’s gotten good and bad reviews. Most don’t like the shape of the pans and that the highlighter is more natural than blinding. I don’t think Kiki was wrong either. She didn’t want millions of viewers to be swayed from products she loved by one popular beutuber. I hate that she didn’t include the face application because ppl would think what you thought. I can say that I thoroughly enjoy the Needs, but if I want a pop of color, I’ll just complement the palette with a swipe of a colourpop shadow on my lid.

Beckk says:

Those palettes aren't good…The formula is terrible. Tati is 100% correct and I truly think she was just being honest.

EmanMorrison says:

She didn't say anything negative in particular, but her application was half-assed and had a stank face most of the time lol

karla lopez says:

Hi everyone! I'm an aspiring beauty blogger & I would appreciate it if you can show some love to my channel! Thank you! ❤❤❤

CD Recovery says:

How did I not even know you are pregnant

N. Calhoun says:

Im not a fan of Kiki, the first and only vid I saw of hers before this one was her whole apartment ordeal and she sounded like an entitled brat……People were even being as ridiculous as to say that she shaded Emily by leaving her praising her for the end instead of saying it in the beginning……huh? I don't like Tati, I think she is a Diva and can be shady at times, but even I was soooooo confused at what the issue was. I do get peoples point however that Tati went into it obviously disliking Makeup Revolution (she even said she doesn't like most of their stuff) and therefore it was always going to be a biased review….that part I do understand and I agree with, however all the other stuff I just don't get. She can use whatever colors she wants on the lid, thats the point of makeup, and I didn't see any shade towards Emily at all. People went nuts and it was sooooo odd. Also, I don't think you have much longer to have your little one. Your lips are swollen and thats a BIG sign ;-). It almost looks like you have lip injections and that happens quite often when women are about to go into labor :-).

Asigedge says:

I didnt like the fact she used her finger with a matte shade and then was upset with the way it looked. Shimmers and glitters, okay but mattes, ive never seen that done. I dont mind that she didnt like the palette. At first i liked it but then after i used it i was like this is a crappy palette. To wish endometriosis on someone (i have adenomyosis) is sick and those people are fucking assholes.

Vic L says:

Girl I love you so much. You make my day with your videos ❤️❤️

Kass Tou says:

Kiki was WAYYYY to aggressive for no reason.

KASSIDY Bishop says:

I like Tati, she keeps it about 80% honest (imo) but I’ve watched her for a while & i do think Tati did her make up really half assed, & weirdly out of order. The video just felt off to me, and almost like she has some underlying issues with MUR and unfortunately Emily took the brunt of it. Not to mention the thumbnail was super uncool. BUT the backlash was INSANE.

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