Small Haul: Chanel Les Beiges & Clarins Splendour Summer Bronzer!

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Hi everyone! Here are my April Favorites! Info on all products and what I am wearing is listed below. — MORE INFO BELOW — OPEN ME UP! — PLEASE !!! — O…

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expeditin says:

The Chanel powder looks VERY nice on you….. also your wing is so subtle and sophisticated…. nice…… not to usre on the shadows…

MakeUpMLC says:

Thanks, I saw that … I’m so impatient I could not wait to get it! LOL!! The bronzer is beautiful. I hint dark for me so I have to be careful but its stunning none the less!!

MakeUpMLC says:

I am excited for you to get it! I just love it…. I bought mine in a dark color to use for a bit of bronzing and its working perfectly!

coughcoughimsick says:

i just bought les beiges- i went to westfield and it was sold out in all but the darkest shades in boots and john lewis- AND online for boots and debenhams- so i bought it from house of fraser online- i can’t wait til it arrives!

cmcalcag1 says:

Clarins Summer collection is now available on their US website as well as Nordstrom. The bronzer is an art of work. Took back Nars Laguna so I could snatch that beauty up.

MakeUpMLC says:

I love the colors .. thanks for the tip on being able to use them wet. I need to give that a try. Love Clarins products!

MakeUpMLC says:

I’m so glad you found it. I think its such a beautiful brush. I just love using it!! xoxo

nawibreugel says:

I finally lucky enough too find this brush here in Holland and you are totally right what an amazing soft easy to go brush love love it and the price was actually not too bad compared to other brands.

flatteryourbeauty says:

Yes, I think they can be used wet. The new Clarins eyeshadows are mineral, which means they are not necessarily heavy colour payoff, unless you use them wet. Try it that way too. 🙂 But maybe that dark colour is great as it is to blend in the crease.

MakeUpMLC says:

Hi Sandra! The bronzer is so pretty. Its a bit dark for my skin unfortunately, I have to be so light handed with it or I really look like I’m bronzed up.. LOL! It is beautiful though!! xoxo

makeuploverusa says:

How had I not watched this video yet? Oh my word! The Clarins bronzer! It’s stunning and I’ll be on the look out for that. It might be the first Clarins makeup product I buy 🙂 Thanks for letting us know about the eyeshadow quad. I appreciate your honest opinion. Now off to catch up on more videos. XOXO! Sandra.

MakeUpMLC says:

Hopefully they will release them before that!

MakeUpMLC says:

I bought mine at Harrods in London. I know they are also available at The Bay in Canada. They will be available in the US in August.

supernuriko says:

Michelle! Thanks for the review! Where did you buy these products because I would love to get the brush! Thanks! <3

Lipglosslovr27 says:

I can’t wait to get the powder and the brush. I guess I have to wait until August!!

MakeUpMLC says:

LOL .. That brush is the bomb!! Almost too pretty to use… but alas I must… The bronzer is stunning – but a bit too dark for me.. so I have to be very careful… I may pass it along to someone who is a better match…its so beautiful to look at!! Clarins is totally underrated… Brilliant brand!

Cozyrosy1 says:

love your products!! love how you almost petted the brush, lol!! and clarins really is such a neglected brand…!! look at that bronzer!!!!

MakeUpMLC says:

The brush is divine.. even for a non blush lover! LOL!!

MakeUpMLC says:

I don’t own many MAC shadows… Nothing similar to that color.. sorry!!

MakeUpMLC says:

Oh that Kabuki is beautiful. Everyone Chanel lover should own it. Its so soft and amazing!! The bronzer is beautiful. A bit deep for me … but it works as long as I use a light hand.

MakeUpMLC says:

I have tried the Evgeny brushes… I saw Wayne talking about them and they do seem very nice…

MakeUpMLC says:

It is incredible. Good to know its synthetic.. .Its brilliant!! Thanks for watching. xoxo

Mandy McMullin says:

The brush is incredible. It is synthetic and needs to be washed weekly to avoid colouring from powder. Fantastic to use with finishing powders and Les Beiges powder

hitherhills27 says:

That brush looks divine! Have you tried Evgeny brushes? Wayne Goss did a review on them and I think I may have to get a few.

namastebeauty says:

That Clarins Splendour Summer Bronzer is to die for! I’l also keep my eye on the retractable kabuki. Thanks for sharing! <3

Afshan Sheikh says:

Hi, Michelle.
Can you compare the bronzy-gold colour in the Clarins splendours palette to any of the M.A.C eyeshadows? Amber lights or something?

2sacmom says:

Not a huge brush lover, but color me impressed!

PrissyandPink says:

SAD SAD face!!! I wish I was with you all! Have fun! XOXO, P

MakeUpMLC says:

Hi Aggie! I will say the Kabuki is so soft and divine… I was blown away…. The bronzer is quite pretty too … its a bit dark for me so I have to go lightly but its a beautiful color!! Happy Friday!! xoxo

MakeUpMLC says:

Hello Switzerland!! Thanks for watching! Happy Friday!! xoxo

MakeUpMLC says:

It is a must own for any brushaholic!! LOL …

MakeUpMLC says:

Oh the brush is so amazing. I’m so impressed by the quality!

MakeUpMLC says:

Yes, I did finally see them there. I will try wetting the shadows.. and see how that goes.. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

MakeUpMLC says:

It will .. but not until August… I could not wait so I went to the UK.. LOL…

MakeUpMLC says:

No I would not use that brush. You really should use a smaller, synthetic brush for that product. Using that brush in the cream product will also be difficult to clean and result in brush hairs being deposited in the Bronze Universal. The only Chanel brush that you could use is the duo fiber brush but I prefer 100% synthetic brushes for that product.

ezriblue76 says:

Oh that kabuki looks so beautiful!! Wow that Clarins bronzer looks incredible!! It reminds me of being Egyptian or Aztec or something, wow!! Think I prefer the Clarins to the Chanel. Enjoy your newest lovelies!! 😀 Have a great weekend! x

Luzia Broger says:

Great Job ! Thanks for sharing Michelle 🙂
Greetings from Switzerland.

chanelloverify says:

I love that brush! I have to have It.

pepper1188 says:

That Chanel brush looks perfect…

Saima Kiddie says:

Hi Michele, Can the Chanel angled powder/contour brush be used to apply Chanel Bronze Universal? Thanks 🙂

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