SHOWstudio: Christian Dior – Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 Panel Discussion

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Lou Stoppard, Charlotte Sinclair, Mimi Wade and Alex Fury discuss the Dior show on 21 January 2013 at 13:30 GMT.

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Alberto Velazco says:

No hay duda Dior esta muerto x tener a ese ralph como director creativo
…… solo Galliano sabe hacer alta costura y sabe llevar a la Casa Dior
ala cima del exito …… Casa Dior necesita a Galliano de regreso

Amad Jones says:

i LoVE Alex!

adolfoc says:

Love this channel, love Alex, love raf 🙂 keep it up

Lovekatemoss2 says:

she is the exact image of CSM student….

seanzscorpio says:

Fuck Raf Simons and his banal crap… Could you not find a more intelligent
design student from CSM to give a more thorough and original answer btw?

Karin Medeiros says:

I missed Lou Stoppard sooo much, you don’t even know.

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