Shopping at Hermes! – Exclusive Private Event | YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS EYE CANDY!

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Ericas Girly World says:

Hi guys! I am sooooo excited to share with you our Hermes extravaganza in Miami! I hope you enjoy hanging out with my friends and I as we drool over bags and shoes and have some good old girl shopping fun! Lots of love! xoxo

lee P says:

That’s the hotel she’s staying at?

alexandria nguyen says:

we recently subscribed . good video, erica.. muy bueno. Checkout/like/subscribe to our channel: Family Reunion-Korean BBQ

Lisa Kostenick says:

So high-fashion of you to film by a toilet.

Prince Hendrik says:

Louis vuitton and other brands is clearly better design, Hermes is so boring and ridiciliously expensive for buy the image. That's my opinion.

Arn dela Cruz says:

all i can here is “ohhhh myyyy
gosssssh/goodness” “gorgeous” 🙉🙉🙉🤮 and she didn’t even bought anything 🤦🏻‍♀️

jack jo says:

Those are just bags lol many more cheaper option with more or less the same quality…

Tsetsi says:

i have seen this vlog before!

S Saba says:

The guccu jacket looked absurd honestly.

Wendy Brandes Jewelry says:

That Brazilian tourmaline is to die for!e Thanks for taking us along on your shopping extravaganza!

Texas Borough says:

Even the store look like flea market

Texas Borough says:

Hermes I think is old fashion handbag no my taste ,theres another luxury brand

general comments says:

I agree with the last statement. She looks ridiculous.

AJM Mas says:

Okay, you are so beautiful so please do not be offended with what I'm going to say next. I'm not trying to be ugly, but in the future when you're doing a video in the bathroom which is not a bad thing please take the toilet paper off the back of the toilet and the towel off the shower and if possible position yourself so you don't see the toilet. And if you have to go to Publix Kroger any store buy a quick cheap bouquet of cheap flowers put them in the prettiest trash can in hotel rooms just so they're sitting put a white towel so you can't tell it to tell it's like looking like it's being dragged behind you on the toilet if you have to and then it will look much different. Next in the shower are you so you don't necessarily see the shower open the door take the clothes that you brought with you put them on the hangers hang them as if you're in a large closet you got the flowers you got your clothes hanging and looks like you're in a large closet and not the bathroom I'm just saying and I'm not trying to be ugly.

rwg681 says:

The cookies are macarons not macaroons. Granted why would you know that……

patricia murillo says:

you shouldn't go to Miami you can easily melt . you all look so plastic.

happy5808 says:

I bet If you put a china made Hermès shoe, they'd still say, Gorgeous!

sunnie nie says:

They all are pretty Middle Ages women and I love their unique styles

tdawg T says:

Where do you find attractiveness in the square bags?

F FAB says:

A bunch of insecured show-off bitches. Ultra rich people will not spent their hard earned money of this stuff

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