Sexy Fashion Trends Through The Years

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We take a look at women’s clothing trends throughout time.

Style is an ever-evolving thing, and fashion crazes have come and gone throughout the years, some lasting longer than others. From flapper dresses to trucker hats, there’s always something new for women to try out, whether they love or hate it. Did anyone actually like wearing trucker hats a decade ago? Although we love poking fun at our parents and grandparents, the things that they wore in their time was once very stylish. As hard as it is to picture your grandmother as sexy, that big hair and those shoulder pads were actually very appealing to men. As time progressed, women began feeling more comfortable showcasing their sexuality and dressing up in ways that made them feel good about themselves. Today we can get away with pretty much anything when it comes to fashion, because women before us have always pushed the envelope when it came to what they wear. We’ve seen it all, but at the same time there is still so much more to see. Style may change, but the fact that women love fashion never will. It’s an art form and a way to express oneself, which is why women will constantly move with the current trend. Everyone has his or her own unique style, because everyone is unique, but it’s interesting to see what fashion trends were considered to be sexy throughout the years. What’s old is new again could not ring more true when it comes to today’s fashion. Vintage stores are where many girls find items for their wardrobes today. Most of the trends from past decades have come back into rotation in recent years and it’s nice to see women appreciating styles that were once so cherished in the past. Although we don’t know if we’ll be able to get behind shoulder pads again. In this video you’ll see some of the sexiest fashion trends throughout the years, when it comes to clothing and beauty. It’s interesting to see how style has evolved, and how women have always taken an interest in the clothing they’ve put on their bodies. For some it’s a hobby, for others it’s a lifestyle. Regardless of how important fashion is to you in your life, this video will give you a glimpse into the past and will help you understand why style has always been a significant factor in a female’s development and in showcasing their sexuality. It’s time to dig up old pictures of your family to see how fashionable they were in their time. You never know, they may have some old items of clothing lying around that you could repurpose for yourself. Even your dad’s old concert t-shirts are back in style.

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Not only woman followed trends and not all woman wanted to attract the opposate sex.


What about guys?¨

ωυтεя says:

Pause at 1:51
In the background the DJ is the PPAP man.

Kat Sans says:

Ummm Im Bisexual and I can get both sexes not just male…

Widow_ Lady says:

who is the other person who is still watching friends??

Mina Strigoi says:

Everyone should dress up for themselves, not for to pleasing others…

Clorox Bleach says:

I was extremely offended when they said to attract the opposite sex… I'm bisexual so that really hurt that even big things like the Talko won't acknowledge that people like more than just the opposite gender.

Kitten Heels says:

My dress style is inspired mostly by 1930s-50s (though some days when I feel lazy I look more grunge/90s). I love the Hollywood glamor look the most :)

L R says:

when she sais everyone or most shes just lost it

nina knox says:

@2:26 what the hell kinda excersize was that ?? lol

Katerina B says:

I dress like a 90s girl -.- my hair is super long though. Down to my hips

John Pruden says:

Why are the 2000s & 2010s always grouped together? they are so different in many ways, especially fashion.

Kawaii Cookie says:

my style is pink,wierd,cute,and animal hoodie's:3

Cara Couch says:

I love 2000s+ fashion. Everything is in and it's so cool.

Mia Moore says:

My favorite is the 1960's people looked like they had a lot of fun back then

Claire Riri says:

There is a certain 2000's and 2010's trendy look. You just don't notice it, you'll probably will in 2050 lol.

CottonCandyFace 101 says:

what about sock hop

Appledusk Warriors says:

Omg I still have 2 pairs of Doc Martins lol

Harambae says:

the 1960s goddamn kill me

Harambae says:

i wish i lived in the 1920s god damn

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