Sculpture or Fashion? The Haute Couture of Issey Miyake

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What does haute couture fashion, the atomic bomb, Steve Jobs, and Issey Miyake have in common? Join Nate at the Cincinnati Art Museum for a brief history of fashion and a behind the scenes look at the Minaret Dress designed by Issey Miyake.

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Michelle Windle says:

I love Haute Couture. I often do couture myself. Its Beautiful designs..great video!!!

Hasnan Alexander says:


coloque says:

the pronunciation of this guy makes me cry

Imani Jo says:

I see a Comme des garçons piece in the back 👀

Thornback says:

it hurts me to see him cut the fabric like that. Dude, it is supposed to lay flat, otherwise you don't get clean cuts.

Io Comunicaciones says:

Hi, Just one thing. Fortuny was a spanish designer and he was living in Venice. You can see his work in the Cortume Museum of Madrid (Spain)

Freddy Gaviria says:

Mariano Fortuny is not Italian. …is Spanish

Sherry Miller says:

Awww! I wanted so to see the design you would come up with….Oh Well…

Mr Wednesday says:

I would love to collab on a fashion as art video!

Florence Corriveau says:

Hi ! Do you have any official sources to those informations, especially the intro about the beginning of his career and the info about pleat designs, and Cynthia's full name ? Thank you !!

MsHunnyBrown says:

I apologize in advance. Dude. If you are going to create an Issey Miyake piece, it will take longer than this video…and a whole lot less talking.

Mercedes Rodriguez says:

Mariano Fortuny was Spanish, not Italian

JAN says:

Thanks for the video!! You guys should definitely keep making videos on this channel.

Nobel Trolls says:

Great video

corgisbutt says:

You guys deserves more subs!! 😀

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