SCHIAPARELLI Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 – The making of (4/6)

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The embroidery of the multi-coloured striped dress by Maison Hurel.

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Toots Brown says:

Beautiful material, awesome hand work .
Now that dress is just ugly, not the material it's beautiful but the dress itself is ugly! Who really wear something like that!

Mehnaz moh says:

The girl looked like "Brave" & was brave to wear smthng like that.

Саргылана Дьячковская says:

итс бьютифл

Alex Yarally says:

Does anyone know the name or where to get the machine that makes the holes in the embroidery pattern in order to transfer with the powder? I can't seem to find it anywhere online.

Olokunful says:

When I realized… 0:45 nooooooooo! #incredible

Екатерина Ш. says:

Why don't they use stitching machine to embroider the sequins?

Catherine S. Todd says:

I love the handwork and fabrics, but whatever happened to allowing the beauty of the models to shine through?


Sublime !!!! C'est incroyable de se dire que toute une robe brodée puisse être entièrement réalisée à la main…paillette après paillette !!! Dans ce monde de vitesse, retrouvée la patience, l'ouvrage, la passion s'est magnifique !!!!
Et ces couleurs, c'est vibrant !!!!! Farida bravo, tient le cap de l'héritage d'Elsa. Les femmes en ont besoin !!! Humour, poésie, création artistique et florilège de couleur c'est vital dans ce monde monochrome et design chiant!

rachaelcham says:

Does anyone know what the little tattoo device is called?

Brandon Hallock says:

what is this technique known as? like the needle going through the fabric and pulling the thread through, embroidering the sequins on the opposite side

Ace Referiza says:

this reflects the craziness and surrealism of Elsa Schiaparelli's design aesthetics., I love it.

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