SCHIAPARELLI Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 – The making of (3/6)

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The making of the ivy leaves bracelets by Gripoix, Couture jewelry.

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franz grabe says:

spectacular detail and craftsmanship!!
PLEASE continue with these videos!!!!

a servantsoftheownerofDeathNlife says:

Every detail is hand made 😍 amazing

Linny w says:

i would have loved to see these incorporated into the garment

Achuchu Bam says:

Its freaking amazing and beautiful until it is worn by horribly styled model

Oscar Milano Mai says:

wow in technique. blah in the garment.

BuuuhSM says:

please qua the soundtrack ?

BuuuhSM says:

por favor , qua a trilha sonora ?

billybuzy says:

thank you!!! i love this series of valuable films

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