Schiaparelli | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2019/2020 | Full Show

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Maison Schiaparelli | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2019/2020 by Daniel Roseberry | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – Haute Couture Fashion Week – Paris/FR)

Saint-SaënsArr. David Tobin – Fossils/Musical Joke/Humoresque/Brandenburg Four/Cello Prelude

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eniretak33 Pal says:

3.51 !
Après, l'autre qui se casse la gueule. Pas étonnant avec de telles énergies !
On nous met de la belle musique pour faire passer
Je ne sais pas ce que le public pense
Merci pour cette vidéo

Xotic Enigma says:

The yellow gown is enchanting!

I like music says:

What a pretentious show.  Way too complicated for no reason at all.  Was there anything here that could be worn in the real world???

Massimo Giordano says:


Lissandra Freljord says:

I don't get it. Did they revive the house of Schiaparelli, the ultimate rival to Chanel?

Gerard Claudio says:

Shame… Schiaparelli is not just being eccentric and making schizophrenic looks. I didn't like it and I preferred the old designer!! Few looks save in this show!

flblbl says:

the botticelli camp of it all ! loved it

Ashley Fametory says:

the cloting are too simple. there are multiple fabric mistakes and cut problems. Most of them has lot of details concentrated in one place and nothing at all in other place. There is no link between the looks and many of the look are too similar.

flblbl says:

the first two looks were very drab but the close-up on the third one pulled me in

GODS80sgal says:

odd but interesting!

Patrick Ryan says:

First show since Valentino SS 2013 I could get by the first 3 looks ; intriguing , creative , daring , elegant with more of a dash of subversion . New deconstruction ; LESS Margiela IS MORE . Just so refreshing !!

Timmeh Queen says:

At 6:40 a living legend!! A goddess in human form! She is an exquisite supermodel – DEBRA SHAW!!!
Alexander mcqueen put her in a metal grid and walked her down the runway, she also wore for Mr McQueen that black mask with a crucifix on it and she sticks her tounge out( Iconic moment in fashion history) This woman has walked for treacy ,mugler, gallino, guo pei and many more she is from the days of when models were Supermodels

beibiboi2 says:

Nice collection. But 3:50, though… It was a miss for me!

Camilla Khromova says:

That is real Schiaparelli! As if some dreams come true.

musilin sani says:


Halil Cakir says:


Dakiniwoman says:

The music is superb and the models are walking very slowly… Two bonus points right away….The very first model… it reminded me of an old lady with dementia wandering around in her underwear and a jacket… it made me smile for sure… let's see what comes up next…  I think some of those models were so embarrassed to wear these clothes they had to put flowing  scarves right over their heads and faces… This is one of the most epic fails I have seen in Haute Couture… still the music was great…  I LOVED THE DIOR HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION…. OPPOSITE OF THIS

Neths Ki says:

this is literally the opposite of what dior is going on rn. 😍❤️❤️❤️

Maowel says:

"This, Madame, is Couture"

LuxuryGamerPlays says:

Curious, would the jewelry worn in couture shows be diamonds?

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