Scent of the Day : Dior Homme Intense (Vintage) by Christian Dior

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What’s your scent of the day ? Mine was one of the best designers made of all time.

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jrfan8828 says:

Aw man, didn’t u guy were expecting? Congrats!! One question though? This
scent is easily found for me, so where’s my best bet online, or anywhere,
to find this. I’m having trouble finding it, even online. GO LAKER’S, and
The Laker’s organization was crazy not being back Phil Jackson! He’s the
only coach that can handle the type players and personality’s this Lakers
team has! Hope u can help with the DHI –

donskidarko says:

It’s been hot here since yesterday, I’m wearin’ Guerlain Homme L’eau. A
chill Sunday with that light mojito vibe. 🙂

TOONS1200 says:

you better start reviewing again buddy 🙂

palamandre says:

I like the original Dior Homme more 😀

biggerm82 says:

SOTD: Burberry Touch

bpwool says:

My SOTD was Art of Shaving Sandalwood. Hope to review it soon. I’ll
probably wear it again tomorrow as well.

Jermel Kidd says:

Excellent…SOTD: Patou Pour Homme Prive

Jessnutz87 says:

My sotd is cartier declaration d’un soir

parishme says:

LOL, no shit …today im on a date with my DHI too… foreveralone

DJWinehouseOfficial says:

Too bad your reviewing the vintage stuff which truly is impossible to find
these days. The new formulation is just a shame, the projection and
longevity is nothing compared to the vintage juice. Ain’t no body got time
for that! But I understand that the vintage juice is what you’ve worked
with for the past couple of years, don’t waste all that work down the
drain! Take care 😀

SwagScent Fragrances says:

Great fragrance.

andres morales says:

SOTD is Ralph Lauren Romance silver

rprovenz says:

1725 casanova= pimp juice of the day

root9065 says:

DHI. You and me both Marc.

ochibi131 says:

SOTD hugo boss bottled/no 6

Al Westmorland says:

SOTD: Dolcelisir

Miamidays says:

Will you review reformulated one?

slurpees387 says:

Well, that turned out well for the Habs. At least you smelled good!

sergiofarinai says:

Hello Marc! What is the difference between Dior Homme Intense old and new?

wagsbass says:

SOTD: Santalum Slivers

CreedFragz34 says:

And there it is the one the only DHI. Sotd DHI!! You are getting us ready
for all of your upcoming reviews. Brilliant Marc.

J Owen says:

You need to put that silver collar in storage and pick up a reformulated
bottle, sotd Chanel Allure Sport

Hassan Aslam says:

angel men where it’s- 1 in England

KKinterlude says:

what do u think of dior homme sport 2012??

1988rithanya says:

ummm I know that its too late.. but what’s your opinion on Disel plus plus?
please do reply 🙂

tallyboy007 says:

Thanks in advance sir!

lfmars98 says:

Do a comparison review of vintage and new DHI.

tomas bermea says:

hey there. could you please do a video about designer alternatives to niche
fragrances? i’m a college guy, and on a budget, so anything like that would
be great. thanks

DownBoi2 says:


Viktor Vratchev says:

Marc when you do the review (which I assume is getting a 10/10 hehe) could
you mention differences between new and old. I feel like the community is
split. On basenotes a lot of people are hating on the new stuff, yet on
fragrantica if you look at the ratings for the new stuff, it’s far superior
(and also people claim to get better longevity with the new stuff, which is
contrary to what many people say on reviews or basenotes)

LSJF83 says:

Hey Marc Vince Camuto my scent of the day some leather and freshness in
this one. Haven’t really seen any reviews on this, longevity is so-so. Lets
go Rangers!!!!!!!!!

dspada67 says:

Great stuff Marc.! MARC, if you haven’t already , get yourself a bottle of
MOODS UOMO BY KRIZIA. It’s 80’s hidden gem, out if production but easily
found. Would love to get your thoughts on it. Cheers

Keety Kardashian says:

I’m wearing the reformulation myself, love me some Dior Homme Intense.

Rafick Bdaro says:

Yay more down to earth again

manuelvelez10 says:

SOTD is M7 the scent cuts right tru a blizzard 😉

earthsteward9 says:

SOTD: Red Shirt in the morning and then DSquared Potion in the afternoon &

Eddie C says:

SOTD: TF Tobacco Vanille

Fragrance Talk says:

Great choice, always!

protomanv5481 says:

This is a little off topic but could you review a new bottle of le male, I
recently tried it deciding whether to buy that or a men but le male was
barely projecting while a men had no problems in the same situation.

robes08 says:

congrats ! must of been a boring day haha

ziggy8757 says:

robes, do a dior sport old vrs dior sport new… that would be interesting

kez850 says:

I own both and after 30 minutes, they’re identical. Maybe get a small
decant (2 to 5ml) of the vintage but don’t bend over backwards trying to
get a full bottle of it. At this point, the juice would be slightly
fatigued at the very least anyways. Just go for the new stuff and enjoy the
elegance of a high quality Dior fragrance!

JmeJ83 says:

Dunno why this gets so much love in the community. I blind bought this in
2009 vintage with the silver collar, and to me it smells like furniture
polish 🙁


hey ol friend. I like these short videos!

TOONS1200 says:

sotd tobacco vanille

Moedub216 says:

My SOTD For for Saturday was New Haarlem. Today Sunday is Eau De L’occitane.

tallyboy007 says:

Hopefully you can get a chance to reply 🙂

Samir Fayed says:

Go Leafs Go! lol. My SOTD is Creed VIW in this Canadian winter lol. Staying
home all day any ways, so I’d like to imagine myself in some tropical

DownBoi2 says:

I wore Bleu De Chanel

mrcoreynitro says:

This the reformulation?

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