(SAVOIR FAIRE) Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011 (Passage No°5)

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EbonySweetness Sweetness says:

Another indication that Black African men are instrumental in the 'creation of man and fine art' … So as it was in the beginning and will be so at the end.

Lulu Carter says:

I came to this video for inspiration as a new sewer and I wasn't disappointed. I have only been sewing for a few years and I was  beginning to get frustrated with a few things now that I working more with intermediate patterns. This documentary gave me a few reality checks that I truly needed. Thank you

Melissa Castle says:

I have long believed the real creator of these garments is the person who makes the pattern and translates the drawing from paper to an actual garment. Without this person these garments would forever be one demential drawings. They bring the garment into a 3-D form and allow us to wear them. WHY DO THESE PEOPLE NEVER GET CREDIT FOR THE GARMENTS? Just because the designer made the drawing? No, if he/she made the drawing, let he/she make the pattern and put it on the form for true ownership.

Sunny day says:

This is giving me anxiety, so much at stake!

Norfolk250 says:

THIS shows why Mrs ‘arris had to spend three years of her savings!

Erika Gehm says:

I don't know which part of outfit 5 I like that coat. To bad I'll be unlikely to afford it, ever.

School of Pattern Cutting with Vicky & Charlotta says:

Such skill, I dream of being able to draft a pattern like this.That shawl collar construction is unbelievably complex, but creates the perfect shape, you can really appreciate the skill and dedication of the makers.

Giovanni Fasoli says:

Who knows what is the music at 42.58

Matilda Martin says:

Just so Fabulous!!!*** Christian Dior Haute Couture an institution of Design!!!!!! Also the Art of Fashion!!!**and man and woman’s hands that Almighty God made and we create with them !!!!!**

He Says says:

This is worthy to watch.

Buying a couture dress is like buying a piece of history

Toma Prus says:


MegaTinni says:

chapeau pour les modelistes!

CJ Aviator says:

Shit, no wonder they're so damn expensive. The craftsmanship found in the jacket is no different than that of an Aston Martin.

Katarina Stevulova says:

Aplaudo a las artesanas por este trabajo. ¡Olé, olé y olé !

Keshawn Spruill says:

So intricate thank god for women who have a keen eye and patience for such meticulous work. I am in school for fashion I made my first skirt with a machine it was hard. I rather sew by hand, I think it gives the product overall a beautiful finish and accurate seams.

kitty lynch says:

Am going to see the Dior exhibition at the V and A next week. Will also think about all the people who made the garments.

deb1958sec says:

Wow! That is amazing!

Eduardo B. says:

to the fool with the jewelry, risking a snag in the garment that others spent days on 👎

Dark Lord Angel says:

Love this video but I thought to be haute couture every piece has to be sewn by hand, no machines?

atzo naftaniel says:

I was at the Dior exhibition in Musee des Arts Décoratifs a Paris. Fabuleux dessins Fabuleux Musée

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