Sauvage by Christian Dior Fragrance / Cologne Review

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Presentation: 1:11 | Smell: 2:05 | Rating: 6:50

A fragrance review /cologne review of Sauvage by Christian Dior. Thanks for watching!

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Bottle sizes available: 60ml and 100ml
Concentration: Eau de toilette

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Matt Hindla says:

You guys still aren't married yet? I hope she's my waiting for you to kick the fragrance habit.

Jk, great review!

Alfonso Gonzales says:

This is by far my favorite scent but does not resemble Blue de chanel

Alvis M says:

Not a daring scent at all. Mass market scent, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. I'll probably buy it to add to my Dior collection. Forever vintage DHI <3.

Vettel Hans says:

you could pass next to something special guys this a must to have in is collection i give a 9/10 and this is frrnch fragrance lover which tell you this ?redolessnce is always doing good job

Red Salmon says:

Picked this up today! Smells like a better version of fierce mixed with st Bart's. I like it! I had to chose between Pure Malt and sauvage! Walked out with Sauvage. PM I'll get later.

Albert Romero says:

actually it was a pretty good scent. very fresh…..its great for an after gym cologne or when you want to refresh, excellent review ! love your reviews…..always a great guide ! Lanier Smith as well , he's another 10 Star review guide !!! Thank you both !

biobele william-west says:

everything you said is correct about this fragrance is right on. but I like this fragrance alot

chriss9491 says:

I got the same type of compliments you did when I first tried it.

sevens732000 says:

Enjoyed your take on Sauvage. However, it seems to me that because of the compliments that you received, you let that influence your rating!

Saurabh Mishra says:

Thanks Steven for the revert. It was nice of you.

David Eriksson says:

I own BDC. Should I bother getting this one?

CJ S says:

all this ppl with negative opinion…shit was just released on market..all the bashing and I guarantee as time goes on it will in all likelihood become an elite cologne and with xmas around corner..I bet its number 1 selling cologne…ill bet my balls on it..

Rio Cappuccino says:

I have not smelled this yet but can't wait indeed Great Review Steve.

Joey Peroni says:

This fragrance is going to be huge!..very masculine. bergamot, pepper and for me freshly cut grass. Thank you for your honest review. I think women like it!

That OVO & That XO says:

Check out Dunhill Icon please, seems to be promising!

Shawn Postal says:

Love your reviews this one just doesn't go well on my skin

Neo Xerxes says:

Damned fine review. I love my high end niche fragrances, but this scent (perhaps more than any other designers for me) has me thinking about it when it's not on my skin. I don't know what it is, but somehow it is captivating despite being a bit generic. I can see this being both a crowd pleaser and a sales hit for Dior. In short, it just works and is quite easy to wear. Fantastic stuff.

Shawn Postal says:

Got my sample today not sure I'll purchase this one

Mtalll1 says:

Didnt they give you a dior pocket spray with the purchase.

Subzero0 says:

Thank you for reviewing this one, Steven! Sauvage will be a big hit for Dior, there's nothing wrong in creating a similar scent to Bleu de Chanel, which still belongs to my top5. Need to add this fragrance to my collection asap ?

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