Sauvage (2015) by Christian Dior | Fragrance Review

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Notes: 01:54 Rating: 07:57

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I guess this is a must try first well at least the campaign person is Johnny Depp my all time favorite actor Lol… Great Vid Cody!!

Mohammad Mazloom says:

Some of the greatest releases were dumped on and some even discontinued before they received acclaim. There is little rhyme or reason to this game. It's a money grab for these frag houses. They try to fill many different niches while selling as many bottles as possible. Add to that releasing EDP, intense, dark, night, sport, homme eau colonia crap. People love frags for millions of reasons. Just wear what you love and not what others say you should like (Lanier Smith). The person makes the frag a rockstar frag. Love your channel Cody. Keep em coming!

Xavier R says:

Hey, Cody! I was wondering if u had any recommendations from the house of Jacques Bogart. I heard that his colognes project very loud. Any suggestions?

erniiaylien says:

and also you are on a Fragrance embargo 😉 so you cant really pick it up
Nice review, as always

Ruff Faka says:

I agree, it will appeal to the masses but it is not for me.

Louis Bellino says:

great review! I have a request, could you review chanel egoiste in the future?

Darren Lowwe says:

02:17 Very simple but complex???
03:50 Generic smelling, run of the mill scent???
10/10 have u had a stroke?

Peter Backier says:

So let me get this straight… you gave this fragrance a 10 out of 10 based solely on the assumption that it's gonna be a top seller. How much did Dior pay you bro ?

Tony Camonte says:

Is it better than Bleu de chanel?

Lanier Smith says:

I haven't smelled it yet but I sure do want to get my nose on it. Another interesting review. Bravo.

Fussball Bund says:

Hey whats up guys i wanted to get opinions on whats better Versace Eros or Bleu de Chanel eau de parfum?

912alldaylong says:

Somehow this makes me think they took diir homme cologne and made a stronger version of that one. I bought it threw macys and the bottle details is Great.

860Cologne says:

Very interesting review. I am nowhere near 10/10 for this one, but I think I understand your rating this way: You are giving Dior a 10/10 for what they set out to do – create a successful fragrance for the masses that is received well and that will sell. And I agree with that. What troubles me is the fact that you give it a 10/10 but are not sure if you will purchase it. For me a frag with a perfect rating should be one that MUST be in your collection. I don't think I have found a frag that has a perfect rating yet but I do have plenty of frags that will always be in my lineup. Perhaps there should have been 2 ratings for this one, the 10/10 for effort and another rating for overall personal impact. I liken it to this (and this is highly generalized just to make a point): Giving the Big Mac a 10/10 for creating a good tasting product that appeals greatly to the public, but not sure if you would order again because you prefer to eat at Capital Grille. 🙂 Much respect for you, my friend 🙂 always enjoy your opinion :)

Eddy Moscardi says:

all the frag heads are trashing this scent because they want Dior to release Bois d'argent every time

Philsfan08 says:

Interesting you are on the fence about buying a 10 out of 10. I cannot recall you giving many fragrances a 10.

Maximilian Heusler says:

With that said, I do think it's better than a lot of people are giving it credit for.

Maximilian Heusler says:

I hear you man. But I don't think this one is original or the next rockstar. Dior has had big misses commercially for men with Dune and Higher. I think this will be another miss for them. I think it smells good but there is very little to differentiate from a million other designer scents. And it's hard to really win big when you smell like everything else unless your first and everyone copies you like One Million, or Angel Men or Aqua Di Gio or Gucci Guilty or La Nuit. This is a copy or better a yet an amalgamation of all those fragrances and because of that it will never be a rockstar.

Shadi says:

Great review Cody! I'll have to check this out. I picked up Chanel's Bleu but was SO disappointed with reformulated performance! This may be a replacement.



Oli Olandres says:

This is one of your best and epic review Cody! Very nice analysis and opinion on this fragrance. Kudos man!

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