Sam Brought Brad Gucci Trainers

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Richard Cranium says:

This buffoon finds himself way to funny.

Chunky Trooper says:

Sam you got that creps bang on bruv 😂 I can’t cope you lads are fucking jokes😂😂

l Swanick says:

So funny 😂

Mvizion vizion says:

This is how u should start the day love it ladsss HAHAHA

AvG PhYcHo says:

Who ever disliked needs to stay off this channel

closedOpen says:

Your laugh sounds like a shampoo mate 😂

Gggghj Try says:

Should try return them to the Gucci shop or selfridges

fried chip_gaming1 says:

Day 45 of not getting pinned

nlawrence 1940 says:

To jokes 😂 love both of u my dad and i ligit laugh at both of u🤣😂😂

Dick C. Normous says:

Favorite youtube channel by far

Corrie Foster says:


Jack Woods says:

Bruv when u showed that Gucci remake I fuckin died joker 10/10 effort 😂

iain* says:

That was epic never laughed so much hahaha

DashDrones says:

Brad is a Gucci connoisseur, he instantly knew that was an old box 😂 awesome work

Jason Crossley says:

Brilliant Sam!!! Pure quality #baldbuilders

Surya Sathanapalli says:

That laugh at 1:28 😂👌

shayne 69 says:

Why do english people say brought instead of bought

Billy Bakbakh says:

His laugh is funny

TrippzFN says:

😂😂 first no Views

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