Saint Laurent Paris Fall 2013/14 Full Fashion Show

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Saint Laurent Paris Fall 2013/14 Full Fashion Show.

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loretta corbeanu says:

Love it!

Amie Weisg says:

I swear I would and could wear almost every single on of these looks out their soo gorgeous!!

LaurineStardoll says:


olimac909 says:

wow im puking

QQQgeorgiaXXX says:


QQQgeorgiaXXX says:

SO LOVE IT !!! Girl’s have eyes to kill , they so cute!! Hedi is really have YSL bone, I admire everything he done. can’t wait next season.

Antonella Sirec says:

Absolutely horrendous! YSL is no doubt rolling in his grave.

aufladekabel says:

SHOES where can i buy those shoes:)???

chickinshock says:

Love EVERYTHING!!! great job by Hedi Slimane

tomfordfanclub says:

Nice to see ‘the lived in look’ perfected for women. The music is perfect too, but the pure girls are going to be freezing this coming winter.

Bedzinski Waldemar says:


lizzie garcia says:

grunge…. yeahh!!!!

A Horda says:

I liked it!

Laura Salazar says:

anyone knows what’s the name of the first song?

veeraiamgoodbye says:

I personally liked the show, even though it’s nothing like YSL used to be.

carroll11000 says:

not chic… not Yves

Designer FashionStylist says:

Has Yves Saint Laurent lost the question & answer – Y fashion ?
YSL = classic designs heritage.
SL = Hedi Slimane overturned grunge look.

ramboram03 says:

garbage ! what is this hot topic

Bridget Yorke says:

This show was so ugly and boring and amateurish with awfull hair and styling, the music was a pain ihe ass but worst of all are those cheap baby doll dresses mixed in the black leather outfits, AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! and the montage with 4 screens just makes it WORSE!!! Poor Yves!!! I couldnt even watch more tahna 4 minutes of it !!!

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