Saint Laurent | Fall Winter 2015/2016 Full Fashion Show | Menswear | Exclusive

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Saint Laurent | Fall Winter 2015/2016 by Hedi Slimane | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/Menswear Collection/Paris Fashion Week)

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Helena says:

To people that are wondering what this song is, it is called Me Suive from the band La Femme. Highly recommend everyone to check out their album Psycho Tropical Berlin :)

joon may says:

does anybody know the name of the model at 8:03?

Mateus Dutra says:

Does anybody know the name of the model who opened the show?

carlos Mares says:

What is the name of the  french song in the collection? Anyone Love it!
Heidi Slimane fashion shows are always a piece of art.

Gustav Harding says:

Wish I could view it better but a great show!!

Isabelle Guichard says:

sublime !!!

angelica cruz says:

ok did i miss troye or 

carlos s says:

Love Hedi!!

Alexis Dmitruk says:


Abigail Reyna says:

Who's the model in the pink coat? 

Luis Colunga Debussy says:

Song??? pleasE!!!

A Roth says:

I hope you all realize that even the "fashion types" cannot help but troll these videos. Everyone gets on a fashion show video and says "Teh boys r too skinny, eat, the show suxx." IF YOU HATE FASHION SHOWS DON'T WATCH THEM. 

This is the coolest thing to people who can like it. Sorry if you're a 18 and ashamed of thin men or fashion in general, but let's keep the heteronormativity out of Paris, thanks.


I like what Hedi does. However, beyond T shirts this stuff just looks camp on a man. I can really see myself skipping down the street in this lot…lol. I see onlookers looking at me right now…. shouting out….FAG!

DesginCHRIBO says:

Whats the name of the song, i love it :D

val 1184 says:

Such beautiful denim wastef in skinny jeans. Only straight jeans from sl works good

vitorbastos123 says:

Sadly I dont have the money to but the laces of those shoes.

Kate Mogollón Agreda says:

cool as fuck

Caroline Yanagishita says:

Pas ici !

Marc Hujar says:

I love the music-who is it???

jerejeans says:

Wow ! very nice.

Quelqu'un connait la chanson ?

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