Saint Laurent | Fall Winter 2015/2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Saint Laurent | Fall Winter 2015/2016 by Hedi Slimane | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – PFW)

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Austin Henderson says:

Loved this rock/punk/grunge they were going for

gremonstyne says:


Katy Cat says:

they look like zombies

Suhail Murtaza says:


whiteflag1000 says:

It seems the pretty boy is running away – I got it now why the singer is screaming so loud.

Dylan Monroe says:

ON POINT.  Lets be honest, if that girl walks into a party, ure gonna wanna fuck her. Period… even if ure gay.

pavanne666 says:

This show captures everything we love about Saint Laurent. Those looking for something more are perhaps looking at the wrong label.

Jacopo Ferraro says:

the memory, but mostly THE WORK of mister YSL and Pilati itself, are being continuously raped like a brutal sexual assault! I hope he's resting in peace…this is fucked…and sad for promoting each season always the same close to death boys and girls!!

lollipupke says:

omay to skinny girls pff

Axel Sack says:

Funny how such a youth oriented show will likely sell to 40 year old bourgeois bankers wifes

lining svenia says:

Perfect style, unique

Luise Ccasti says:

Looks like Adore Delano put this mess together.

Sonja Dee says:

love it … love it …  the everything of it is good.

Puff Of Smoke says:

This got more spunk than looking at Lanvin's collection. The homage to punk rock is very nice to see. Very Sid and Nancy-ish.

michael montes-para says:

Mode pour rockeuse déglinguée et sans imagination.A mourir d'ennui.

KatSchma says:

Oh …Bikerjackets and tights with holes. Almost looks like a theme Party Crowd.

Juliet Winter says:

I thought they were classier than this.

Kate Mogollón Agreda says:

People please stop bitchin' about it. "Ain't Laurent without Yves"…"Poor Yves will be turning in his grave!"…I bet Yves will be more than happy for Hedi's work. He had so much affection to him. The first and last time Yves reappeared at Dior was for Hedi's debut on FW 2001. Pierre Berge told Hedi that Yves wanted to go to support him on his first show. That's why he was Pierre's first option to leading SL.
You can afford the same pieces at Forever21?…maybe you can have the same look..but NEVER the same QUALITY.

lola lou says:

love the hairstyle, the boots, the pantyhose, everything. they are real luxury and true  design.

Sophie ah says:

c'est vulgaire et pas chic

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