Saint Laurent | Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive Video

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Saint Laurent | Fall Winter 2014/2015 by Hedi Slimane | Full Fashion Show in Good Quality. (Widescreen — Exclusive Video/PFW)

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TheDeextra says:

Alexa chung will be all over this collection

Mary T. says:

that was so awesome

Brilache says:

What song is this!?

choo says:

I always anticipate Saint Laurent collections, it’s just pure awesome

Common Foxtrot says:

Magnificent as usual. YSL is rock’n roll without even trying. As a
recording rock musician I cannot understand the vocalist on the intro,
there’s good falsetto and there’s this. Let’s forget about the high end
clothing for a second; Yes, rock is all about undermining the norms, but
I’m afraid in 2014 we have to many rebels and not enough norms!

keepitreal613 says:

Booo…lame rocker hipster chick..seen this a million and one times

Abigail Reyna says:

Charlotte free, (8:25) needs to improve her walk, it’s horrendous!! 

Catherine Loftus says:

I’m really glad Hedi is at Saint Laurent. His vision shines comfortably
here than say, at Dior. What’s the verdict on eliminating yves? 

Lydia Bocage says:

Once the clothes came into focus you could see how lovely each piece was.
Oh God 15 mins of that terrible music…Please mix it up for us poor
people. I should have just hit the mute button I suppose. 

Hafsat Yar'adua says:

Good collection but i think the models SL down with some of those walks

Michael Hall says:

for all you pathetic sheeple and trendoids who think that tough looking
emaciated women in thrift store clothes with the WORST SINGER in the
background really represents fashion…..look at Yves Saint Laurent
Spring/Summer 2001 then tell me who and what you really love!

clay byrd says:

I truly don’t want to like this , but this collection is really BaD aSS !!!
and the presentation is spot on perfect , well except at I believe the 8;20
mark when the poor girl looked like a bird with a broken wing ‘ perhaps she
was suffering from a dislocated shoulder

Ensu Goenarto says:

amazing video :)

dianchen han says:


dreamershavemorefun says:

The mood, the clothes, the models, wow this was spot on, perfect references
to the whole 60s rocker mod glam girl. I really am starting to fall in love
with Heidi’s work for the house of Saint Laurent, it’s getting so complex
and interesting

Ainka E-va says:

perfect…i love saint laurent

Pati B. says:

David Bowie is a vibe

TMA says:

in this case Zara wins over this collection! come on!! shaaaaameeee Hedi,
YSL is not about “low profile” but ICONIC

iramloesha55 w says:

It’s not bad at all. It’s just very normal and safe. But why would you
spend money on buying them when you could find the entire collection in any
mall for a lot cheaper? I thought luxury brands were supposed to design
unique (STILL WEARABLE) pieces….

Grace Cook says:

love this!! such a rocky feel, & such genuine, wearable stuff, whole show
(music aside) has a great feel!!

Julie Robin says:

If gossip girl was still on, The girls should wear EVERYTHING in this
collection. Its is where fashion is at right now (for our age group of

Dean S. says:

Hedi Slimane only likes WHITE women

chrishinsdale says:

Now thats more like it

KuracPickaSisaPeder says:

holy christ that singer is so annoying, sounds like a hurt animal

Deleria Ange says:

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SEL MOON says:


smallypuppy22 says:

wonderful show 

yolas1299 says:

SLP needs a new stylist ASAP. The clothing is not THAT bad but Slimane’s
rebel girl (i wonder what kind of rebel wears $10.000 cardigans but
whatever) is boring as HELL…

Ricardo Hernandez says:

Studded leather jackets, baby doll shoes, leggings, skirts the fall below
the ass cheeks. I just think he just rearranged Fall 2013 to Spring 2014, &
just presented it as Fall 2014

The JaiFoxx Experience says:


Qs_Pung says:

Breathtaking show !
Boyish look of girls !
Handsome girls and look cool !! 

Maisie Moss says:


高杉美輝 says:

extremely great!!!

Ana María Muñoz says:


Savva Fleischer says:

runway is really cool
but collection…
let’s be honest, it’s cheap and shitty U.U

cyril benavides says:

hedi is on the right track unlike raf

hrnbrkdnztncy says:

simply stunning. 

Kat Ratcliffe says:


mellrubii says:

I love it!!!

анна тропман says:

i want all of this!!! now!!!

dianchen han says:


LadyJaggerX3 says:

Is that Charlotte Free at 8:19 ? Does she still rock the pink hair?

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