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Close 2012 marks Alber Elbaz 10th anniversary as creative director at French fashion house Lanvin. Jessica Alba, Dita Von Teese, Pharrell Williams and Tilda Swinton join the celebration. For the Fall collection; elegant clothing with an avant garde edge. Lux embellishments, sharp shoulders and jewel tones rule the runway

Tiffany Miller

James Buccelli

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Chivin sierra says:

janet reno!

Tom Reis says:

She had the 2nd look at 00:37. And the she appears at 05:36 wearing the black and white ruffled dress.

Tom Reis says:

Karlie Kloss.

Kelvin Parker says:

Who is the model at 2:50-2:56???

TheRunwayJunkie says:

DARIA S. shut it down on the Runway- ANJA R. killed me with that turn ryt on the beat ! Zuzanna B. has an amazing walk – and Ive fallen in love with newcomer KATI N.

TheRunwayJunkie says:

OMFG PLEASE- Zuzanna was the perfect choice to open the show this season and her walk is like AMAZING. If you wanna talk about walk , look at Mirte Mass and new comer Saskia Dbraw, who both walk like men- Alber and the casting directors know what they are doing. This was the best LANVIN show to date- With Designers like Alber, Muiccia and select few, its like you know what to expect….and that is..something that youve never seen before..or have you ! Alber takes you back, but keeps you current.

aryx027 says:

At what time did Aymeline appear?

Lilia96 says:

Aymeline!! <3 <3 <3

carey579 says:

@NAUTITOUR i dont understand why zuzanna opened, her walk so disappointing and lanvin always uses great walkers, imagine how great tanya would look opening the show

LoliNana says:

was Aymeline on drugs..? it was a bit too much…


what was Aymeline doing ?!!

Wuthichai C. says:

Aymeline stole the show. Amazing collection!

bigmofobubba says:

Thank you for uploading this!

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