Rouge Dior – 60 years of attitude

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It’s already been 60 years since Mr. Dior imagined “dressing women’s smiles”. For the visionary designer, fashion and cosmetics had to come together to creat…

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109unicorns says:

I really want a 1953 Dior lipstick!!

qhona1 says:

That was so beautiful, Does it come with a tissue box? I’m crying :’)

Catherine Fernandez says:

I Love Dior

ino20012 says:

البدايه كأنها اغنيه ل توني ون (:

shamsham1983 says:

Dior is illuminati

christine prout says:

I have mine♥and I’m loving it♥

ณงค์ณุช นทีพายัพทิศ says:

Dior= Director

Isa-bell Strumming says:

My 999 I love Dior

Adam Foltýn says:

First commercial that i didnt skip. Thanks God for that

Eduardo Gold Valz Gen says:

J’aime Dior! <3

Vale Val says:

No. 4

Felipe Trujillo says:


FELIPE COSME Oliveira says:

Qual nome da musica de fundo ?
What name the song ?

By Juliet says:

Absolutely Dior

elisa florido says:

this commercial was the advertisement in a video, and it is the only one that I kept watching

pietr11 says:

song, pleas?

DragQueenPriscilla says:

Love the DIOR ROUGE 999.

Joss M. G. says:

I love Dior!

teapottutu says:

I feel beautiful just watching this video 🙂

Nathalie Goede says:

absolutely stunning!

Lou Salome says:

Which colour is on her lips at 1:38? Love the clip

franzchick66 says:


hotvogue says:

Absolutely beautiful, I need to put lipstick on! And yes I only wear Dior lipsticks 🙂

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