Ripped Sweater costs £660! Givenchy Destroyed Sweatshirt Review

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A review of the Givenchy Paris Destroyed Sweatshirt. You will find out the good and bad aspects of the distressed Givenchy sweater as well as getting to see what it looks like when worn. See below for the product description as per the official Givenchy website.

#Givenchy Paris Destroyed #Sweatshirt – £660.
– Long-sleeved black sweatshirt
– Destroyed-effect organza cut-outs
– White GIVENCHY PARIS logo on the chest
– Regular Cuban fit
– Product code: BM70393Y0S-001


Instrumental produced by Chuki

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You paid 660 for that 😂, HMU I got authentic drip 30% off retail

Hassan Kara says:

Yo Closer Look, how would you rate this sweatshirt out of 10?

Henrik Rodriguez says:

Can someone tell me if my Ralph Lauren hoodie is real or fake?

Andrew Cooper says:

ID on the jeans??

justin rinehart says:

Great video, Thanks so much. Can you please tell me how the tag should look? The tag on the one I bought has an ID number 100% cotton and made in Portugal , I was told there should be a Hologram but there is not – is this true> Everything you mention in the video describes my hoodie 100 % It even looks as if there is a phone number on the ag yet it is a bit faded and I can't read it. I would love some sort of follow up, anything at all, subbed and much appreciated. I will explore your channel If you have any videos on how to authenticate OFF_WHITE I would love to see those!

Neurotic Sos says:

is it a sweater or a sweatshirt

Fashion-Boozt Norway says:

i can not say that i have not bought som expensive pieces off clothes.! But this sweatshirt, sheees! i would buy a jacket for that price!! this will get caught on som shit and ripp hard or get fucked in the washing machine. its cotton! but i guess if you got the cheese.

Tommy boy Josue says:

Could you do a mcm key pouch ? Would love to see it

TrainTracks says:

Looks like u homeless or somethin idc if its a designer brand name on it 600 or whatever it was it stupid u just got scammed

Robert Bevan says:

Got one for sale for way under retail message me if interested

WMMFY says:

Got the hoodie version of this, its my favourite hoodie, but for the crazy price i paid, it aint worth it.

Young Dontai says:

You should do a real vs replica on this

TedFromDublin says:

State of that and the price ?

Han. says:

Real vs fake Balenciaga campaign 2018 t shirt pls bro?

Anton-Karim Naimi says:

Jeans are fire

A Channel Here says:

I thought this was a hard sweat until I realised the wholes are see through lol I thought they would just be completely black :/

Phantom Productionzz says:

Do a real vs fake dsquared t-shirt video

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