Review: Poison de Christian Dior

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My take on the legendary Poison by Dior.

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semanova says:

I aDiore Poison!, I love it on women and I´m curious to know how it smells on men!!, I am a male, I have a bottle of it but I´ve never wore it besides than on my wrist… do you know Cabotine by Gres? amazing review!! congratulations.

ForrealMe2 says:

i just got the vintage 1985 poison in the thinner taller 3.4oz EDT and i must agree with the splash versus the vaporizer i love to dab but i love the intensity of the sprayer so i guess it is beauty vs convenience LOL,i don’t know which one to choose either,worse case i’ll just splash more from the dabber,Question with vintages i got mine sealed brand new but with vintages is it to be expected they are alittle off because of expiration..the scent is totally the classic plum tuberose scent tho..

ForrealMe2 says:

Continued…same scent alittle off and a bit lighter so i have to apply little bit more what is your experience with vintages of poison? my bottle scent is still good to wear though i mean i love it and how does the new one compare to the old i haven’t smelled the newer one yet..

ManLovesCologne says:

Great video! My mom wore this in the 80s I remember loving it. I haven’t smelled it since then though. I’m intrigued by Midnight Poison especially since it’s on the masculine side. Have you tried it?

lacelailaful says:

oh my god,if ya think ya are smart,u should.i am using it now.After havin my shower sprayin it on me,i think its heaven on earth.1-2 sprays ,its green fresh sexy citrusy and warm.sad its of those rare summer/winter scents.

david lincoln brooks says:

You’re wondereful, pfalzgreven… absolutely spot-on. In 1987, I went to music school in Boston, Massachusetts. POISON was white-hot at the time. I would go to a particular nightclub…I think it was called THE FIRE STATION,. It was where all the very smart and very beautiful Jewish girls from Brandeis used to go…. Big hair was in… mountains of permed curls high above each head… and every women wore POISON. I cannot smell POISON without being whisked back to 1987.

Floran Iniguez says:

I LOVE Poison! It is my signature scent and the only perfume I wear. I was wondering if you know where I can try Tendre Poison.

Monica Lee Sioux Sioux says:

I love listening to you talk about perfume

1welshdevil says:

After watching your review I had to go out to test it, it is amazing, very heavy and hypnotic smell, I think for me the most amazing smell is Guerlain’s Jicky.

RIcardo Ribeiro says:

I just love Poison by Christian Dior , unfortunatly i never know about vintage or 80’s poison, i just know about actually reformulating Poison, poison for me is a seductive , deep , dark , femme fatale perfume, even poison edt’s i think that is very long lasting , my sister loves Poison on me, more than hypnotic poison or midnight poison, but my friends hate they loves Nina by nina ricci i think that poison is a perfume for chic noses, the teens love sugar scents i don’t! :)) Answer me 😀

Pfalzgreven says:

Thank you once again. 😉

POISON is the love of my life.
Nothing above her, not even at
her side… all hail!

protu56 says:

I really like the way you present the perfumes. Entertaining, and I actually learn something! Thank you :)))

IVANCIVICcom says:

I would have posted a friendlier message but youtube gives one a tight limit of characters per message.sorry for the shortness. Last bottle of esprit de parfum 30ml splash I bought from a Dior counter in Europe was in 2003. And last note: the new reformulated coco eau de toilette by Chanel has a reminiscence of eighties poison on my skin with a tad bit more flowers… I wonder why nobody ever notices that.but maybe its just my skin that reacts to it that way. Anyway. Thanks for the video.

IVANCIVICcom says:

Thanx for the review! Poison is my favorite too! Sorry to see you forgot to mention the pure parfum (yes, the essence was made as well and I have a couple bottles in my collection) as well as the poison cologne: cologne and light cologne (in a light purple bottle, transparent). And the esprit de parfum was available (at least in america) in two concentrations as well: esprit de parfum and esprit de parfum light.Another note:the esprit de parfum was discontinued in the 00’s,not in the 90s. cheers

MakeupwithJane says:

My favorite perfume, I wear it year round, along with Ysits and Coco. Great video, thank you.

AmethystDew says:

I honestly could listen to you all day. Poison rocks!!!! x

KingPharroh says:

Never smelled Poison before. I will have to go out and get my nose on this one. So you say vintage Poison is better for males ?

chidoiguan says:

Le Duc! I enjoy ur post on BN and ur vids here. Is there any substantial difference between de new and old EDT? What do you smell?!

Pfalzgreven says:

It is, yes. But it’s very rare indeed. I believe that ambergris is present in one of the new exclusive Dior fragrances – can’t remember which, though?!

blissHeavenly says:

Is ambergris still used at all nowadays?

blissHeavenly says:

Ahh that commercial takes me back some :)) … I love cloying mothers too x Lisa

bvg12 says:

Thank you for your answer :-)) I am a LOT calmer now! Well, I guess Dior produced all a person can ever ask for in a perfume into the bottles of the Poisons, regular ones as well as the Elixirs! One can wear them in every season, and let us not address “mother” Poison which is the most amazing fragrance of all times (on my opinion, of course). One can use s fragrance if willing to just smell nice, but if you want to add a bit of personality to it, then the Poisons are the answer :-))

Pfalzgreven says:

Hallo there. First of all thanks for watching, and thanks for the kind words. Means s lot to me.
As for storage of perfumes; you are doing quite well. Keep them out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. Best to keep them in their boxes. If you do so, they can last forever. Some of my vintage bottles with some 60+ years of age to them, still smell divine. It’s all about the right storage.
Excellent choises by the way, I looove the Poisons.

bvg12 says:

What a great video! :-)) You really are superb! I just got 4 bottles of perfume from Dior house; Hypnotic Poison Elixir, Midnight Poison Elixir, Pure Poison Elixir, and a regular Poison (apple-shaped bottle). I bought them to store them for as long as possible; they are stored in boxes, in a cool sunlight-free placed, sealed and all. But I heard perfumes expire within 3-5 years 🙁 Is it true? I turn to you because you are the most knowledgeable person I know on perfumes 🙂 Thank you!

tullyfication says:

Love the way you present the history behind the scent you’re reviewing.

superrsleuth says:

Lame ad i.m.o. , but you gotta love that pussycat. Hey, I’ve conquered my fear for the women’s isle 🙂 Now I smelt poison and samsara. But shalimar’s atomizer was broken :/

Pfalzgreven says:

Thank you … Anal Frank?! LOOOL!

AnalFrank1 says:

u’re learned and funny, i love you, maybe you’re the best.

Carolyn Ann says:

I thought that was YOUR cat at the beginning, haha.
I love listening to you talk about perfume. Poison is truly one of a kind & one of my favorites, too.

BetawiBlood . says:

Again, you’ve totally sold me on a women’s frag. I have actually tried some of the Poison line, but all the Dior counters have closed down in Indonesia for some strange reason. I Would love to see a video of you comparing the whole line with all the epds, edts and flankers.

Pure quality as always. Your reviews are top notch.

Pfalzgreven says:

Gotta love miss Donna! 😉

Pfalzgreven says:

Thank you so much, means a lot to me.

Pfalzgreven says:

Excellent, keep watching, then. ;)

Pfalzgreven says:


Pfalzgreven says:

Oh yes, it’s coming. One of my faves, too!

frauleinw says:

You really outdid yourself with this video – all the elements are fantastic. Entertaining and informative.

persona grata says:

hahaha, you are awesome! I love the music in the presentation of the bottles and of course all these details….so informative!Thank you, you are a guru….ohhhhh love to love you baby!

eezepeeze says:

I love the intro 🙂 Great review! So informative

BellaDioraddict says:

Darling, what a great video!! I loved the little music snippets with the pictures, so cute!! I hope u will be doing vids on Midnight Poison and Hypnotic Poison as well. Can’t wait for the next video!

lilyfleur7 says:

i own hypnotic poison which i love, but i’ve never sniffed the original. i must!

Fragrance Bros. says:

great review! i always love watching your videos because they always have a little history lesson in them. 🙂

AP0LL0edc says:

Poison is such an incredible fragrance. I’m so glad I bought this for my wife over 12 years ago. So yummy and sexy!

kyb15TV says:

Your reviews are so unique!

Zepyhp says:

Another classic perfume! You are the #1 reviewer on Youtube! Still waiting on Dior’s La Collection Privee 🙂

AnneLien1987 says:

Great review on one of my favorites. I love the commercial for poison, so tacky and great. Could you do a review on Obsession by Calvin Klein. That’s also one of my favorites.

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