REVIEW: Chanel CC Cream + Tutorial [CC Cream v. BB Cream]

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CLICK HERE for More CC Cream Info + Makeup/Accesories Worn: What is CC Cream? Color Correct Cream, the new & improved BB cream! Watch to…

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RAEview says:

YSL, Saks, Neiman’s, etc.

T Hutasingh says:

I got a sample of the Chanel CC cream yesterday and tried it today. Really impress actually. I used my hands to apply this and buff it out with a foundation brush and it worked just as great. They just bring this into Thailand, and they offer free sample for Chanel members. The price at the counter is 2,200 baht (74USD) but I just checked at the duty free shop here in Thailand and the price is only 1,500 baht (50USD)!! Luckily I’m traveling soon so I’m going to grab this next week.

Christine Lee says:

Haha i luv how you said “I’m cute as a bunny” _

balitenify says:

REA, your reviews are interesting.
if you come to korea, i’ll be your guide, at travel or business tour
i wish you would have connection with korea
for your talent and for korea
from one of a fan

Mitsoufanny says:

Hello, do you have a link or a name of store to get the YSL ring? Much appreciated.

girlintrouble2 says:

It cant not be available in France can it? Anyone know about UK?

Bobo Jy says:

It’s also available in Thailand.

wai yee cheng says:

i am wondering will u suggest chanel Vitalumiere aqua fluid for combine skin type ppl ?

ssousou1980 says:

♥♥♥Bonne Année ♥♥♥happy new year♥♥♥

RAEview says:

Another diet video will probably be posted in February 🙂

RAEview says:

Thanks so much for the translation! ^^

RAEview says:

Depends on your skin! I like both for the winter, Vita has more dew to the finish but Lumiere has shimmer.

RAEview says:

Don’t believe so!

RAEview says:

I dislike the MUFE Duo Mat.. it shows dry spots terribly. The Hello Flawless is awesome, I have talked about it lots. It’s my favorite PF at that price range!

RAEview says:

Thanks very much, Violeta! Hope you had a lovely holiday <3

RAEview says:

Hehe you are too kind, thank you pretty lady ^^

RAEview says:

Yes, no moisturizer under the Dior as well.. the SPF will flash back, but I rarely ever take pictures with flash so it works well for me 🙂

RAEview says:

Depends.. 3 to 5x a week!

RAEview says:

The brand is called Tart, from HauteLook!

amyyxsmiles says:

Great review as always! Where is your top from? Super cute!!

wndsrgrl says:

Thanks for the informative video! This is the first that I’ve heard of a CC cream.

helloall317 says:

she said: CC creams are becoming more popular in Korea right now and I was curious about them, and thanks for your review! also, when would I be able to see another diet video from you?

helloall317 says:

how much cardio do you do normally?

joohee87 says:

Do you also not wear a moisturizer under the Dior BB Cream?  The high SPF worries me a little regarding flashback in photos but I guess for day to day wear, it’s not that big of a deal

lilbaypay11 says:

dang, i was so ready to buy this cc cream until you informed us its price, 90 0__o , so expensive 🙁

RoisinSinead says:

You look absolutely beautiful with just the cc cream on and no other makeup! 🙂 just letting you know…

SuperDat Saiyan says:

You’re cute and u squat….perfect dream girl right here.

Violetartistry says:

You look divine Rae!!!! White suits you beautifully! Good to see you! Missed you! xoxox

cookiesx3cream says:

i thought you hated bb creams. can you expand on why? 😮

Serena Eden says:

Do you have any idea if it’s available in the Philippines?

0stephie0 says:

hi rae! how do you like the hello flawless? is it full coverage? hod would you compare it to MUFE duo mat? thanks!

rustlis6122 says:

i saw 3 or 4 new bb creams at walgreens.

beautyinasnap says:

Great review– was curious as to what the new cc creams were all about!

RAEview says:

*Video, not year lol

RAEview says:

Yes, my blogger friend in HK told me Chanel counters just received it! I filmed this year almost two weeks ago

RAEview says:

Always listed on my blog 😉

RAEview says:

I’m hoping they will add additional colors when they launch it in the US 😉 I’ll be uploading the Spring video next week, thank you!

RAEview says:

Thanks, cutie!

RAEview says:

I’ll be filming that video this month 😉 I mention them all the time, but I haven’t done a compilation post yet!

rwbccpb says:


RAEview says:

Thanks for your patience! Happy new year to you, too <3

RAEview says:

Thanks so much, pretty girl! You’re too sweet, have fun testing it!

RAEview says:

That’s what you would use it as, a replacement for foundation, and yes, before powder!

RAEview says:

I’m sorry, but I cannot read Korean so I cannot answer what appears to be your question!

RAEview says:

Too thick to use all over the face, I can feel it all day! The cream foundation brush is excellent for those with large pores, as it really helps to buff in the product

animalloova says:

can you get it in Hong Kong?

delliepooh says:

Hi Rae – Could you pretty please let me know which stippling brush you use? I just bought one and its not how I expected it to be … Thanks so much

Denny3190 says:

As someone who’s more brown I’m always bummed when people come out with a BB or CC cream in only light colors. I’d love to try this but alas I am too tan. EXCITED FOR THE SPRING COLLECtION REVIEW!!! and may I just say Dang girl you look amazing!

MonsiieurAlex says:

You look beautiful like always… good review as always!

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