review chanel ballet flats

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review chanel ballet flats.

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kimchicupnoodles says:

Trina, are these flats breathable? (I mean… Would it smell on sweaty days
after walking around a lot) how long have you owned these?

leatherforever01 says:

I love the patent toe caps! If they came with a quilted body that would be

Melissa Muro says:

Love them all but my favorite are the quilted black leather..

Bee Rachael says:

The patent toe ones are my fave, so nice and dressy! 

peacef77 says:

Trina, these are just beautiful. May I please ask you a question? I asked
here in the USA if they have these flats in size 34 and they told me that
they don’t get them here in that size. Do you know if it is possible to get
Chanel flats in size 34 in Europe? Thanks for your help in advance. Xx

Véronique Van Dam says:

What a beautiful collection Trina! Love ballet flats they are so easy to
wear!! xoxo

Csherry1991 says:

Is there a difference in the comfort between the quilted and the non
quilted flats? Also, do you wear them with hose or just bare feet? If you
wear them without any hose or socks, have you gotten blisters? They are
really beautiful shoes. Enjoy!!!!

strawberriesncandii says:

I love your collection. How long can you go walking around in them? I don’t
know if it’s the shoes I wear but when I walk in some flats my right shin
always hurts after walking in flats. 

Emie Ohashi says:

nice review of the chanel shoes :)

Maria Balanza Castelo says:

Great timing!!!! I just bought 2 days ago the cream and black ones, so
excited to start wearing them on spring!!! Did you waterproof them with a
spray, they are very light? Xx

Bee Rachael says:

Want some designer flats, Chanel, or maybe Tory birch as bit cheaper! 

Brian Davies says:

Nice review. WOW you have an amazing collection. Thanks for sharing

Lady Harriet says:

Hi Trina, thanks for sharing. I don’t own any flats, I prefer the other
classic one with elastic opening around it, they are extremely comfortable,
I have few pairs. Have you tried them? They come in 3 different heels,
flat, kitten and 3 inches ish one. They are very comfortable too. 🙂 

TheOrganiclady says:

I love ballet flats and those are lovely. I’ve never tried on a pair, but
I do wear Lanvin ballet flats and they are very comfortable too. Thanks
for sharing. :)

Lisa Pedersen says:

Thank you for the review! They do look very comfortable.

Bradley Kelly says:

Thanks Trina I am now following you! My name is @*b_r_a_d* plz can you
follow me!!✌️

kaskas113 says:

Nice review Trina thank you

Abbey Mugroso says:

Love them all. Thanks for sharing with us, I truly love the black quilted

kavz vim says:

Ms. Chanel queen …. Luv the patent flats

cutiekikay16 says:

I have wide feet also.. Tried the Tory burch reva flats…not for me..hurt
my feet, I better try Chanel :D

Su zy says:

Thank you so much for doing this, Trina! A thoroughly informative review,
as always, and your collection is absolutely beautiful. ♥ It really helped
to see the flats on your feet, too. I definitely need the beige / black
pair and the black with the patent toe in my life now! ♥

Chanel05 says:

Super collection hunni!! Love them so much!! Xxx

Olympia Epirus says:

Watching your vids
Sheer happiness
For me

Ada Solly Styling says:

They look so comfortable and beautiful . 

Bradley Kelly says:

Trina can’t find your instargam name on your home page? What is??

Bradley Kelly says:

✌️Trina you are so good at doing videos and I love your collection’s and
you have persuaded me to buy a Louis Vuitton Wallet!✌️ Thanks! Are your on

Minks4All says:

Great video!! I’ve been looking at these for a while and I think I’ve made
up my mind! Great collection! Xoxoxo

Someday Shabby says:

Gorgeous flats!!! I would love to get a pair. Those black and red chanel
flats are so cute.

mrnm2000 says:

great video trina

AJHappyheart says:

Love them all Trina but the black pair with the patent toe…stunning!

Olympia Epirus says:

Watching your vids
Sheer happiness
For me

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