Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Sully PM

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This is a quick video review to share my replica Louis Vuitton Sully PM from Joy (my favorite rep seller). I will also do a thorough written review with lots…

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AR Goods says:

We sell this bag for 640 USD. Contact us at !

chrisserz1 says:

Thank you Andrea! 🙂

Andrea Giordano says:

Have you bought it? I know a shop:  Except for that the shipping is a little bit high, everything is perfect!!! Have a try.

Andrea Giordano says:

Try this website: It is a factory from China. I once bought, very nice quality

Randy Suniga says:

Where did you get the bag from
Please email me at
Thank You =)

chrisserz1 says:

Where can I purchase this bag? -Are they expensive? 🙂

Precious hippolyte says:

Where did you get the bag from
Please email me at

Gabriella C says:

Can uou tell us where did you buy that purse

Karinin75 says:

how much did you pay for this?

Lee Janelle says:

Can you tell me how we can buy from Joy?

33ei says:

fake as girls trying to buy replicas thats just for fake people


where can i buy that bag ?? nice video 🙂

Bertha Marum says:

Replica Louis Vuitton
Cheap Women&Men Handbags,Bags,Purses,Belts,Shoes Outlet Online Sale!choosebags net

yulianna Torres says:

Where do you buy your replica’s? Can you please tell me thanks

Belladona2040 says:

OMG! Thanks for this video demo. I am soooo pissed for being a sucker and bought one from an ebay seller that states she sells authentic designer handbags a few months ago- yep! sure got screwed for a few hundred bucks!.OOH!! mad as hell 🙁 it’s not like I can’t go into Nordstrom or Macy City Center and get an authentic one- thought I was getting a great deal ’cause she says bought it from trip from France and need money.. so gotta sell it cheap.. in the trash it goes now 🙁

chicknfood says:

Can I buy it?

yourboydoesparty says:

Have you purchased through western union from joy yet? I’m.nervous

研希 王 says:


pinknoted says:

Can you do a review of your trevi? (The replica one) I am thinking of purchasing it from Joy but I would really like to see a video before I purchase. Thanks for considering it!

karma ann says:

Great purchase i love ur accessories 🙂

caitlynbli says:

Can you pls let us know the date code of your bags when you do the reviews:)? thanks a lot!

natrelle74 says:

Your bag is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the info, I can’t wait to order!

kasy1978 says:

have you purchased anything from lux ever? i m Joy s fan as well, but her shipping cost as well as removing credit cards as a payment choice really made me start looking at other choices….:(

MsPursePrincess says:

Thanks Ladies :).

MsPursePrincess says:

LOL Dawn, yes all my hair but I used to wear extensions and it looks much better but very bad for your real hair so I stopped wearing them.

imLeGit857 says:

i love joys products, i just wish shipping wasn’t so costly!

CuseCutie1 says:

I love your hair!! Is it yours? No extensions? I’m jealous 🙂

RecessionistasRule says:

good review, nice bag. love Joy’s items!!

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