Replica Chanel GST vs Authentic Chanel Medallion Tote

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This is a video comparing a replica Chanel GST with Gold Hardware from Uncle Bench vs my Authentic Chanel Medallion Tote w/Silver Hardware. I apologize for t…

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jason tran says:

“send it over to china” please educate your self as you got some poor slave (literally), making this for you. There’s just too much wrong with buying replica… not just in terms of status, fashion and all that superficial junk but humanitarian point of view and environmental. I really cant stop anyone from buying fake bags, or exploited fashion. Keep doing it if it makes you happy? Just understand your actions.

omeleko says:

I got my chanel bags in NY (china town) and payed $40 for them. The quality is amazing and when I compared it to a real one, you literally could NOT tell the difference.

sunshine guang says:

what a good bag ,my girlfriend wants get one ,but i do not know which website is good to buy. one friend of mine told me that she once bought on .do you know it. she said that it is a very popular replica website in china and Asia ,can you give me a suggestion ?

Leilah Prado says:

Nice video!
Anyone want to buy high quality replicas?
I’d like to share a reliable supplier:
I bought many times of replicas from China. This is the best one I ever meet. The sales are very nice and patient. Now I keep placing order to them monthly.

cherry lee says:

i bought one Prada handbag on w w my credit card.i found it really fine…

cherry lee says:

i bought one Prada handbag on w w my credit card.i found it really fine…

ashleeabella says:

i own the real gst and its spot on from label to grain to hardware…

Showermewithflowers says:

Girls you did an awesome job with the reviews you’re making me order the replica but I would be scared to carry I don’t want people to think all my bags are fake if I carry one fake lol second if someone have no idea about Chanel bags they would think the original is replica and replica original since they did an awesome job

Ros Ina says:

I had no problem with the company~it comes up as LUXURY and MAGENTO DEMO STORE. It was delivered very quickly and I love the LV vernis alma pm handbag and the tapage charm LV. It really looks like the real thing. I think they would send it to Germany and it would be fine. Had an EMS tracking # and I was able to track it until it came to my house. I gave them my visa and there was no fraud with my credit card. They did charge me $8.00 extra for customs/shipping. Ask them questions online. Rosina

Mary Lou says:

do you think it would be safe if I order from that site when I live in Germany? 🙂

norma62813 says:

The video was find. I was able to see all the details. Excellent replica.

Cybertron Laser says:

Can you answer my pm’s please check your message box thanks

Ros Ina says:

HI~I just received my LV vernis alma pm in Indian Rose with the Tapage bag charm today. I ordered it from replicalouisvuittongoods. On the order page~on the top~it says, “Magento Demo Store”. I ordered it on July 2 and it came on July 9th. So pretty fast shipping. I am really happy with it. It looks like the real thing and I will order from them again. The color is a deep Indian Rose~not pink at all. The bag was $175 and the charm $89.00. Free shipping. They took my visa, also. Blessings, Rosina

midgreen100 says:


jenk314 says:

Where did you get the Chanel GST? I need one!!!!

classyclassy37 says:

My authentic GST is pretty stiff, you can’t squeeze it like the way your friend did at 1:16. And it’s not as bendable as the way she tried looking at the chanel stamp. But I must admit its pretty close. Unless you know the brand, I have to say its pretty close.

Ros Ina says:

Excellent video. I ordered a LV Vernis Alma pm in Indian Rose~it is a replica from replicalouisvuittongoods. On the order page~on the top~it says, “Magento Demo Store”. I ordered July 2 and it cost $175.00. Plus, I ordered the Tapage Bag Charm LV for $89.00. They said it would come in 9 to 10 days. They put up a tracking number on EMS tracking. I will let you know how the bag is and if it is a reputable company as soon as I get it. Excellent video!! Rosina

juniorcasemiro says:

You guys are pro!

Melodie nineseventhree says:

where can i order one of these??

idig says:


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