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Artemis Racing v Luna Rossa Challenge ——————————————————————–…

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Edouard Jensen says:

Typical Jobson / Read dialog:
J: Light winds today, I wonder if we will see the boats fly genakers.
R:(in slightly weary tone) I don’t see either of the boats carrying a genaker on board, Garry.
Priceless. If Read wasn’t there Jobson’s nonsense would go unchallenged and the general public would be misinformed. Please take the guy of the air.

Edouard Jensen says:

New Zealand? The only country where TV networks bought the rights.

sam monet says:

not much sense in making any suggestions about coverage when they cannot get a simple youtube video up and running….really sad, about at good as the Italians at the leeward mark today 🙁

Jack Everett says:

Good Idea . Send email to broadcast add the website. Stan can make it happen if the directors will just put in on the screen. I want less flashing. Some of the shots in the opening could be longer and explained by Stan or Gary to help viewers understand the boats an the racers. Slow down the scene changes .. we know the boats are fasT, Show us the details and keep speed on screen all the time, like other sport keep the score on all the time.

Jack Everett says:

click the Gear looking thing ( standard Icon for settings now)

Jack Everett says:

Look now it is there… It was on the main ACweb site almost immediately.

Philippe Nuzillat says:

Not available in your country! Where am I living? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Irak? Cuba? Russia? Guess where!

r ehls says:

what r u 6 years old fix the video so WE can see it. jeezus

MooseFarnsworth says:

Is it just me, or do the guys on Luna Rossa look like Mysteron puppets when the camera is close in?

gptourchannel says:

I do not see the 720p option!!

Steve C says:

Hey, this seems to work… Thanks for the tip!! They still need to fix this replay though!

gerryjayrock says:

Where’s the replay?

sam monet says:

with all the money spent on boats, crew and party, they should have spent some on a good website and video editing, i would like to see more graphics, more arials to see the angles on transitions and tracks

Nakata Ken says:

Here is a solution !
First, click a resolution icon located a bottom of the play window.
Select 240p and once it gets started, you can change to 360p or 720p, as you wanted.
Hope it would work for everybody.
Enjoy !

Christopher Hanson says:

Start it at 240, then switch to 720 once in the stream … it worked for me anyway

Jack Dawson says:

i feel ya. cant get it to work either. its worked every other time.

jack hubbard says:

what r u talking about race 2 isn’t available…. who runs this bleeping web site

windwardpro says:

C’mon guys, get this channel straightened out!
People are correct- only 240p works.

gptourchannel says:

… 1980?

jack hubbard says:

this is the most f^&**d web site I have ever seen. i’m signed on, subscribed etc. but can’t watch todays race??????

Dean Wilson says:

240P res works but not 360.

Dean Wilson says:

Where is the replay..?

MrLmahar says:

there is no replay available no matter what resolution you want

ecstaticdesign says:

I keep getting excited at the start of these races, but within a few minutes it becomes obvious who is going to win.  Here’s hoping Oracle/Emirates will be a better match up.

Arunas Bukauskas says:

Why can’t I see it? Is it blocked in the US?

ecstaticdesign says:

For whatever reason, if you change your YouTube resolution to 240p it will play. Looks like crap, but you can at least make out a shiny boat and a blue boat.

gptourchannel says:

it does not work for me…
i can’t see anything
no replay!

franzbruno says:

Stephen, unfortunately you are right, LR has a lot of reasons to fear the kiwis…
But (1) the challenge with Artemis is not finished yet, and (2) never say never!

franzbruno says:

That was ****** scary on leg 3!
Let’s hope to see a real math race next friday!

roby30 says:



Stephen Esho says:

Its ok lads the Kiwis are going to flog you all

MrLmahar says:

where is the HD replay of Race 2

Christian Gotsch says:

oracle is on a different time schedule. they don’t need to be all in just yet

Mike Petrella says:

Spinter…I know they aren’t in it. Just saying Kiwis is easier to swallow for us Americans than the Aussies. After 137 years in the same club whoever would have taken away the first time will be the “villains.” All in good fun though.

Nadia Marchesi says:

Luna Rossa

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