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Artemis Racing v Luna Rossa Challenge ——————————————————————–…

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BrianKCrawford says:

Where’s semifinal 2? When I click it I keep getting semifinal 1.

Marine82164 says:


VetericusNoire says:

beautiful coverage!

damironof says:

Strange, could not get more than 240 P yesterday, now I cna go to 720 P HD. Gonna have to watch it again!

Jake Visser says:

Finally, a race worth watching! onboard video and Gary Jobson.

Federico Ruttkay says:

the foils of at least one side of the boat are always touching the water, I don’t know what you’re saying

OakBluffer says:

0:29:54 “So here they are at mark No. 1 and it’s Artemis that gets around it first…!” 0:30:07 “…5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and gybing…” But $#@ ?…oh well….

…, it looks as though Draper and Outteridge will be giving us some fairly decent racing in the coming days. The first 2 minutes of this race were exciting (from 0.28.40 to 0.30.40)…and…?

Lucfar Luciano says:

Incredibile orzata di Luna Rossa alla seconda boa di poppa 0:52:50 con una bella botta di scarroccio che dimostra come siano resistenti i foil….

briantobin9 says:

Ken Read is the MAN!!!

Marco Lonardi says:

I am completely disagree,i like this format a lot.It’s just a different way to use the windpower, Romantic Sailors and Cruising Yachties for sure they don’t like because it’s so different from the past isn’t Sailing anymore is Foiling soon with time many Teams are going to be involve in the AC Circus.The AC45 BAR already hold the Record of the Oldest Regatta where the AC born Around the Isle of Wight.By the way Sailing or Foiling,Monohull or Multihulls the best are always the same.

Marco Lonardi says:

Me too at 240p ok no buffering 100% clear and nice.

ard sur says:

@Johno, what about the VOR, ever seen that, with perfect video footage from the middle of the Oceans?
These fragile AC72 boats are not even capable of sailing in Open Sea/Ocean but can only sail inside the Francisco Bay.

ard sur says:

well what a race is was ? twice as long as we have had in the RR of LV , first max. 2 min racing now about 4 min racing. the rest is training and sailing the route . boring !!!

BiebersKingOfMusic says:

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Christian Gotsch says:

and Gary Jobson and onboard audio

Safalya Kadtane says:

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Tulip Kirrukal says:

yep, nobody can believe about this quickly. Listen, i’ve been getting paid about $200 a week just for letting brands know what i prefer to buy. if you wanna try just try now: bit.ly17wASS6

Christian Gotsch says:

thank you for onboard cameras

Peter Marriott says:

Spot on John – obviously a real sailor who like me wants to see real sailboat match racing with tactics even if at 1/4 of the speed. Wondering what the on course umpires are there for? Even if boats closer in speed what’s sad is the days of rolling over your opponent downwind are gone as the apparent wind is now forward! Anyone who likes the way this is going would also like F1 moving to just oval tracks which is what has happened to AC!

classiccobs says:

Another great day on the water , don’t all of us fans wish we were there!!! Great on board footage today!!!

HappyChappy2013 says:

real bad video stops all the time and doesn’t play the whole race, shit

Ronald Hutchens says:

i can’t get it to play at all, it just replays the start. Is like like watching a trailer to an upcoming movie. I have tried everything.

bigheadxca says:

very sad. only thing “play” does for me is take me to paneled menu list.

Mitch Aunger says:

Coverage was a bit choppy today – but I much prefer this team over the two guys who did the prelims (and the pre- and post- shows here)… Jobson isn’t perfect but much better than other coverage.

Johno Vegas says:

the lower resolutions are not available. whats so hard to understand. Larry has cut the staff way back since the summer of 2012. We have to remember this costs money and they really don’t have nascar type sponsors. AC is loosing lots of money.  be glad there is video, other big races have next to no race footage…

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