Replay: LOUIS VUITTON CUP – RR4 – RACE 1, 23 July 2013

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Emirates Team New Zealand vs Luna Rossa Challenge.

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ggm656 says:

now the foiling gybe is more likely do to the faster water speed-

more adverse curent = foil to foil jibe and that is the money move!

ggm656 says:

at 35 min you speek of wind speed and current, this is the right concept but shouldn’t be water speed, a new concept to sailing, traveling at 30kt if the current, true water, is with the boat at 2kt, the effective water speed, apperent water, is decreced. with the introduction of foiling  and its speed, trimming, and other demands i an not awair of this becomes a consideration.

two new concepts- appent water; true water.

briantobin9 says:

Good luck with that!!

briantobin9 says:

Summer of Racing = Showdown in Septempber

Bryan Downer says:

I have been used to the old format for sometime, the new format will take some time to get used to. I hope the racing will tighten up during the semis and final.

Marco Lonardi says:

The Americans made the History of this event and it was time to change,
the Old format was just ridiculous.
I like these new Sail Machines so spectacular and fast…soon new Teams will follow.

weidekuh says:

32nd America’s Cup in Valencia was a fantastic Cup. 33rd and now this 34th are boring. Wonder why…

Mati-Babi says:

Wow, one word, boring. Thank you Oracle.

jeremyrainman says:

There’s no contest here when ETNZ can consistently do 3-5 kts faster than LR in every downwind leg. I’d like to know why LR was so much slower in essentially a one-design match race.

wolfb4u says:

Geeze Ed you started out well the the second sentence got retarded. Yes it is boring but lucky for you the Americans got the event back from the Swiss who tried outright to steal it. After this falls on it’s face you can bet something will change.

sam monet says:

go to

for real cat sailing

Sasuke Uchiha says:

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Ed Lane says:

This has to more boring than formula 1 car racing. Trust the Americans to spoil a traditional event.

sirswift23 says:

And 23:28…

d gar says:

“We are the Champions” … oh no, “Born in the USA” … oh no, it is “No One Does it Better” … yes that’s it … no one does it better! … haha!

rabidbigdog says:

I think we may find that the teams themselves are the ones blocking the onboard video. They don’t want to reveal to each other (and certainly not to Oracle) anything from onboard.

sam monet says:

What do you expect from Italians.

sam monet says:

match racing el toros does not count

Vicki Guy says:

As a former match racer myself, I cannot express my excitement when I first saw those magnificent machines FLY! Thank You for allowing us to feel as if we were on board with them! Your coverage and narration is spectacular!! I would gladly give a Kings ransom to enjoy ANY coverage you can provide.

SquirrelFromGradLife says:

Anyone know if the grinders are working on a hydraulic accumulator system or a direct drive?

Milan Miller says:

What’s the introduction song called?

OakBluffer says:

Latest update: “[…] Luna Rossa has asked the Race Committee for a ‘Black Flag’ race today [i.e. July 25]. That means Artemis Racing will be disqualified 10 minutes after the start, ending the race….” It also means that there will be no broadcast, etc. [see release] What is happening? The AC is turning the LV RRs into a useless exercise of speed trials, foiling gybes, and disappearing starts. Bring back the Mouth Of the South and all of his brouhaha. We want to see some sailboat racing!

David Hill says:

Why are we not seeing any onboard video as we did in the ACWS? Coverage is not nearly as exciting without it!

sam monet says:

Clearly the Kiwis have more speed and better starts, that is what CAT sailing is all about.

giannivela69 says:

was beautiful follow the America’s cup…I did for the past 25 years…but this is not AC….this is a big bullshit….

Rodrigo Muller says:

Where’s the start ? That’s the only interesting part of this race. Once the race starts, LR seems to be running on its knees.

Oliver Boughton says:

Is this what we’ve waited 6 years for… This is dull.

Incredible machines but that’s it.

The 2007 edition, both the louis vuitton and the americas cup, were the most exciting events from some time. This was more to do with the quality of racing than the boats.

This isn’t what the americas cup is about surely….

mal15102 says:

A joke similar to every AC contest prior to 1970. The AC has always been a design competition, some designs are better than others; there are plenty of one design races the AC is not…..

mal15102 says:

It is the America’s Cup. There was never more than one challenger until 1970. The boat’s are quite different with the exception of TNZ and LR certainly more different than the little 12’s or 24’s. Do they look enough like a boat upwind or do they become something different downwind?

Gary Ferrara says:

The boats are cool but its not the Americas Cup. There are only 3 challengers and Artimis doesn’t have a chance. There is no story about boat design because they are all the same. In the end can you call a hydrofoil a boat?

Pablo Masseroni says:

The last 25” before the start are missing from the video!!!!!!

pseudorandomly says:

America’s Cup Bummer of Racing …

Trajectionable says:


wolfb4u says:

Absolutely match racing should be windward leward. There should be a dial up in the start, The new AC is a joke on sailing all in the interest of non sailors. Oracle is a hideous database and Larry has transferred same to the AC

Trajectionable says:

Best comment all month.

d gar says:

… hey you developed guys, to we get to see the boats crossing the start line or what? … are you experiencing developed bugs? … more developed nation, more developed bugs to tackle, I guess it is fair! … (from Greece with love) … no one does it better!

Gustavo Balbela says:

what’s the music in the intro???

sappersniper says:

Also the course sucks balls either change it to make use of the landmarks, e.g go around islands or just go back to the windward leeward system as the races are decided in the pre start or at the latest by the first mark.

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