Replay: LOUIS VUITTON CUP – RR1 – RACE 2, 9 July 2013

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Artemis Racing vs Emirates Team New Zealand (SWE confirms they will not compete) ———————————————————-…

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dontcallmejayl0w says:

a C-0.

loke95nova says:

Then what is it?

AceXxxxxxxxxxx says:


Kirk L says:

Even if you cant be bothered to add some detail to the thumbnails, if you named the videos something shorter like “re: LV Cup 2012 RR1 – race 2, 9 July” it would be much easier to find.

nautamaran says:

Yes, but much less true wind speed, so boat speed lower and apparent wind is further aft. Wind was at the upper end for this race, so the gennakers (and the deeper cambered jibs?) stayed ashore. We’ll likely see them fly again if the boats race in 5 to 10 knots of true wind (or did the safety review do away with them?) , but those “foil to foil” gybes will be much harder to achieve on the light days.

Thomas Fox says:

wow. the opening song is comically bad.

dontcallmejayl0w says:

its not a gennaker

TheForge10 says:

Well Luna Rossa and Artemis dont compete then. Waste your money hope your satisfied.

bapier57 says:


nearvelvet says:

HATE the opening song. LOVE absolutely everything else you have all been doing all along. What happened?

John Harrahill says:

Dear Hector stop crying ….really

lodeftv says:

Is you app available on Roku?

lodeftv says:

wow, this race looks nice on tv!

stephen cairns says:

go kiwi good luck

boxeater406 says:

holyshit, looks like they’ve done their homework. go TNZ.

TheSailingChannel says:

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Josh Nale says:

they say they’re designed for 5 up to 30 knots.

Josh Nale says:

they say they’re designed for 5 up to 30 knots.

Tim eastell says:

why not try authenticlouisvuittonbags? you can get the authentic Louis Vuitton stuffs at the wholesale price.

TheSeppentoni says:

What’s the max. windspeed at which the boats can safely sail? I guess it can’t be much?

beach4me2007 says:

I’d like to see the boat speed displayed more often.

ecstaticdesign says:

Great sailing. I hope New Zealand spanks Oracle.

Marcus Cove says:

Is there an Updated Race Schedule ? The AC webpage has the is race scheduled for Thursday July 11th

windwardpro says:

GREAT camera work, guys! Incredible.

starchaser28 says:

Would be nice to see an overlay of the best time on course during races when only 1 boat is on the course.

classiccobs says:

Having had the opportunity a to spend a dozen years sailing a 60 FT cat and experiencing 30+ knots a few times I find this generation of boats amazing and exciting and how lucky are we in North America to have it within a short plane ride. Lived this whole video and cannot wait for more!!!

loke95nova says:

Look at the footage at 28:30 and you’ll se gennaker

haliik says:

Hydroptère is a dragster, the AC 72 is Formula one baby!

Alfabits says:

Hydroptère was designed from the ground up to be a sailing hydrofoil. AC72s were designed to be very fast cats, but TNZ realized that they could use the daggerboards and rudders to foil.

Fred Miller says:

Anybody else have problems with low levels of audio on this video??

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