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Emirates Team New Zealand vs Luna Rossa Challenge ——————————————————————– www….

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Sandrastevens69 says:

Watch ‘Extreme Sailing.’ I have it on Dish, super exciting cats on foils in world races, WITH DOZENS OF BOATS! Found it when I was looking for Yachting race, where I finally found the AC, WITH 2 BOATS!!

Sandrastevens69 says:

But we never knew who had the magic hull? The America’s Cup boats have always been designed, built and stored, HIDING THEIR hopeful SECRET advantage. WHEN did they EVER use the SAME EXACT boats? WHERE have I been? Fellow Scot…When everyone catches up, NO BORING! The first year of non-smoking, even SF said NEVER! We always move forward, hopefully. Oracle deserves to be beaten. Back to the Kiwi hidden hull…

amadonflash says:

40 knots and no smoke! Awesome. I understands everyone’s reluctance to change, it’s human. My only question is when can I buy a Hobie 16 with foils?

“With tripple corner’d Sayls they always float, About the Islands, in the world there are, None in all points that may with them compare”.

robb brush says:

Great boats and great teams!!! Most of the negative comments are from overweight guys that never sailed anything!! 

Diego Ramos says:

What happens to real sailors, I don´t understand if they tryed to adapt the “show” to the TV american odience or what, but all seams to much to a “football” team, all running one side to another on each tuck like winning yards in the field !? Those lights indicators?!, we are loosing the essentials

Kevin Batchelor says:

Awesome boats.

Gebdis Elil says:

Yes. It is slightly boring, but NZ are the best team behind USA. Although personally I want Italy to win. Just because they are the underdogs, although I know they wont. 🙁 I’m Scottish so I know about underdogs. lol. Our football(soccer for USA) team is s**t. I think they should use exactly the same boats as each other then we would know who were the best sailors? Instead of who can build the better boat. Although NZ would still probably win. 🙁

Nothing against you lot BTW. 🙂

Andre Vankov says:


Magienionar says:

Better go back to 10knots yards…
But yes this cats are boring as shit 😀
Gays everywhere

Christian Friedrich says:

Don’t get me wrong the machines are awesome. but the “racing” is shit.

Christian Friedrich says:

Short of breakage, the start is everything.
Might as well make it a race just to first mark.

Gastel says:

Yeah, 40+ kts is pretty boring. I hope we can get back to the New York Yacht club and all of the political crap of the 80s. That’s so much better.

Daniel Schwab says:

Most boring LV/AC concept ever…

PeterLunder says:

about time they went back to monohulls and had real racing. Thios AC series is a waste of time and money. No tactics, silly starts onto a reach. all in all a load of rubbish

767gonza says:


gptourchannel says:

in AC? io ho una vita!! e preferisco i monoscafi
vieni in sardegna a settembre a vedermi sto su Nativa poi mi dici se non è la vera vela!

John Mohland says:

New Zealand vs Oracle What a surprise! This is the most boring AC I have ever seen!

oobayly says:

Try the mobile version: watch?v=WCAQcQnnRK8&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Replace the “space” after youtube with a /

intrepid1939 says:

what the hell is going on–why no video?

oobayly says:

Not available in the UK, or in via my US VPN account. Are we allowed to watch this?

George Pell says:

Can anyone tell me how many degrees off of dead down wind these boats can travel and still travel faster than the wind?

Jim Fet says:

Where is the Race 8 video? Now a day after the actual race and still not uploaded?

Interesting that the Kiwi win was judged as so significant when, in fact, they were simply racing against their own first generation boat sailed by a team that was not nearly in the same league as the Kiwi’s. Draper was out-maneuvered at every start.

S. Wilson says:

Concordo completamente!
ps: ad essere sinceri hai dimenticato un altro aspetto tradizionale: il confronto tra avvocati

ol3mare says:

Allora vacci tu visto che sei un fenomeno della vela!

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Naapz Taru says:

Well done TNZ! Bring on Russell Coutts and Team Oracle…..’Give’em a taste’…Good luck guys and bring it home.

bond19761 says: mare si puo’ fare di tutto ..forse 😉

bond19761 says:

” azzurra” cosa c’entra con sti catamarani,passione e gare diverse direi ..altrochè stessa cosa.

Adalberto Ivaldi says:

Nella sua storia la Coppa A. è sempre stata un confronto tra progettisti, non tra equipaggi. Siamo tornati all’America’s Cup tradizionale; potrà non piacere, c’è poco spettacolo, ma la Coppa non è nata per divertire il popolo, ma per soddisfare il gusto di vincere di pochi, ricchi, appassionati. Questa è la Coppa America.

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