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Emirates Team New Zealand vs Luna Rossa Challenge ——————————————————————– www….

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graham maurirere says:

New Zealand to good for Italy. ..and watch out Yankees the ac to come back to new Zealand

rcpmac says:

1 ton

Davide Besana says:

che due balle, mai una volta che la si possa vedere senza che si impalli. An arror occurred? ma va in mona, altro che spettacolo mediatico, si vede un’ostia!

kate johnson says:

speed kills…..the enemy

Marco Lonardi says:

Isn’t the windward boat favoring it’s ETNZ much faster than LR.

bono vox says:

1-kiwis boat are superior,,,
2- five round are so short minimun we need 7 and race camp limit is relly short
3- i prefer old  mono boat for see the best match race,,thats is all

S. Wilson says:

I’ve seen most of the ACC races and I remember a lot of series going exactly like this one, only in slow motion (and no “real sailors”, I imagine it was in the “J”‘s age, when I was too young), when the wind was right (I remember also long hours waiting for start).
Now at least the boat are pretty fast and difficult to manage, if the class will not change agein the gap will become shorter and with a broader (and maybe wilder) race field…

Dave Roberts says:

Great fun to watch the kiwi team working so well together on a great boat. IT should be a great Cup final.

S. Wilson says:

I agree, the field is far too little for real tactics.
Alas the difference between boat is so big that it makes little difference.

S. Wilson says:

If the 45s where meant to be the real boats, ETNZ will have put the same money in that, instead of the 72, with similar result, I fear.
It was similar with monohulls: very few real races and most series ended 5-1, 4-0 or something like that.
Only way to have real battle is to have (almost) the same boat for everyone, like in most competition, but that is not AC.
With time the gap become thinner, so I hope they will not change class again.

MrRandom468 says:

Why don’t Luna Rossa try and get to windward at the start? It works for New Zealand!

peter ho says:

I could not agree with you more, your comment was spot on.

ard sur says:

both NZ a faster boat, but also and maybe most important better sailors and better team work!!!

Ted Glasoe says:

This is not a competition. It’s ENZ practicing by themselves with hyperbolic announcers breathlessly telling us how great this racing is. Too bad all this time and money is wasted on the 72s. Seems like there could have been 6-8 teams willing to race the 45s in the AC, but only one team really had the millions to move up to a competitive 72. I get pushing the tech envelope to develop new and exciting boats, but I find this AC to be a sad spectacle –not a sporting event — so far.

khaderach19 says:

its how they deal with waves on lighter boats and its a way to increase draught length which add stability on a jibing run.

Kirk Thurman says:

Cam someone explain why the bow is pointed down. Wouldn’t it be much safer to have a canoe or sloped tip to help prevent them plunging down into a wave? If they were all built the same it would help everyone.

Matthew Collingwood says:

Extremely proud to be a kiwi, this is the best America’s cup ever.. great match racing, great speed and excitement. Its going to be an amazing final with the US (aka more kiwi’s)

Kevin Costello says:

Exciting, but I like the mono hulls,  more tactics…

Pedro Salvatori says:

I see no really big competiton at all. a big tv show indeed. a regatta basically decided on who starts better and doesn´t miss foil gibes. the catamarans are awesome!! don´t get me wrong!!! but i think the regatta has to adapt. longer courses. wider upwind areas with more decision making. the America´s Cup still got job to do. anddd start line always favoring the upper positioned boat…. give it a thought. but the show is incredible!

Miguel Mejia says:

how much stress load is on the main winch?

Gerald Wallace says:

Awesome sailing proud to be a Kiwi boater living stateside.

Bill Griffin says:

I’m still astounded at the apparent wind factor. It’s crazy that a 15 Knot wind provides a 28 knot boat speed. Please excuse this old mono hull boater.

Joseph Romillo says:

Kiwi makes it look easy

Jerry Ji says:

still no race…..Kiwis ..way too fast for the Italians….I am now just fast forward these
“races”.. otherwise, I would fall asleep in front of the monitor 🙁

gilberto Jentgen says:

I accord that in the crown of sailing of course money has always been a matter, but sport has had always it’s fair share. Now we got a team that is only them capable to practice with 2 boats. that is crucial to improuve new tecnology as only this way one can test variations one to one. Just see Fremantle 120 000 spectators on shore and millions on tv. Now main channels don’t even transmit as it’s to boring. It’s just to abstract what’s happening in SF.

gilberto Jentgen says:

and stile in the twelves, the “J”s and later in the ACC. Boats were similar in speed, so the sailors made the difference in major part and there’s been competition on the water, tacking matches, spinacker maneuvers. Now it’s nice to see one foiling very fast and an other behind ( if nothing breaks) . Have you ever seen real AC races in Fremantle or Auckland ? Real sailors, force 6, 3 meters of waves. Larry and Roussel wanted an interesting competion with many teams…..I follow since 30 years

S. Wilson says:

No, AC was never that, AC was always a matter of money, pride and tribunals.

If you want elegance, stile and sport, don’t use the name America’s Cup (and don’t seek it in that, try with Olympic games or any other modern competition)

S. Wilson says:

And the best lawyers, never forgot them: arguing about rules was always crucial since that first time in England

Ole-Martin Lyng says:

great show!! – but more and longer arials to see crew movement!

Duncan Smith says:

Both, looks faster on every point of sail. Dean Barker makes very very few mistakes

gptourchannel says:

Cris Draper e bruni una dopo l’altra..imbarazzanti! “dobbiamo essere aggressivi” ? ma quando sul cesso siete aggressivi!

gilberto Jentgen says:

no, purtroppo mi dispiace.

Alberto Gianfranceschi says:

Cris Draper lets go too the opponent, then you can no longer reach

Alberto Gianfranceschi says:

too easy to win so for kiwi

Alberto Gianfranceschi says:

@JBDigglidy , both options

Alberto Gianfranceschi says:

sto riguardando la gara di stasera mi sembra di rivedere il monoscafo di luna rossa delle edizioni precedenti

JBDiggidy says:

Is the Kiwi boat is just plain a faster boat pound for pound ? Or are the Kiwis just better sailing and tactics ?

Kyle Yankanich says:

I can’t help it, when these boats start foiling, I just go “WUH WUH WUH WUH – INCREDIBLE!”

Alberto Gianfranceschi says:

non va mai bene neanche una volta

carletto kro says:

Il cinese no?

shamankisin says:

LR is almost done, come on. They got a little taste of kiwi.

Murray C says:

What about Maori, gilberto?

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