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Emirates Team New Zealand vs Luna Rossa Challenge ——————————————————————– www….

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ByeBabyBlues says:

America’s Cup killed

Guillermina Stover says:

I’m rooting for the Italians! I have a family of Italians who live in Napoli–friends who are like family–and I love them…

Niels Sterrenburg says:

Go kiwi’s. Love looking at the webcast on youtube from the Netherlands, as it would never be on tv over here 🙂

kiwicalifornia says:

As fantastic as these machines are, I kind of miss the old mono hulls. SUre a race could take 3 plus hours, and there were runaways where one boat was totally outclassed by another. But those races tended to be closer, way more matching racing tactics, Tacking duels galore… I know this class of boat is different but to see a close, hard fought race would be fantastic.

kiwicalifornia says:

@ard sur.. Thats a dumb comment to make. Im a kiwi here in the US. The simple reason is lose of ad revenue. NZ has 3 or 4 TV channels. The US has way more, its a competitive business here. The LV semi finals are on tv here, the LV finals are on Espn 3 (a website) The AC finals will be televised. Its got nothing to do with the USA thinking they are better. Its about business, pure and simple

zonefour65 says:

So far, I am happy to watch the races on the web; when every race is either a breakdown or a blow out, it’s easy to fast forward to the end. The finals will (hopefully) be much more competitive.

hornet224 says:

I’m fascinated by these super catboats. I watch F1, MotoGP and Tour de France. Right now, I like AC72 better. I’d like to watch a worldwide racing series based on this type of match racing. I’d like to attend the America’s Cup race next month. The technology and competition will get better with more boats in the race. Keep it going!

Frank Russell says:

Get out in the ocean ya wimps!!!

Lance Carlson says:

Kelly-NBC do not want to lose ad sales to USA market due to commercial
free web casts…so they’re greedy too.We defend the cup but can’t watch it!

TheCoBBus says:

Skyy Vodka ?? really NZL?? =DD hahah best “sponsor” ever

TheCoBBus says:

Luna rossa makes those gypes SO FAST !! too fast if they would co slower they would have time for the other board to take them up and surf for couple sec on both boards and then pull the one up

Titan says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Subscribe to my New Youtube Channel, I will subscribe you back!!!

Scott Mauney says:

NZL getting battle hardened. GJ still doing more than anyone to promote the sport. Good day on the water. Course seems narrow for size/speed of boats. Too bad they can’t use more past Alcatraz.

rockie071 says:

Really? How much does it cost to win a start? Actually the better question is how much does it cost to NOT set your watch 4 seconds late? There are ways to be somewhat competitive in match racing when you have the slower boat, but I haven’t seen any evidence that we’ll be treated to such a show.

Mick Shea says:

I believe this was aired live in the USA, on ESPN-3 (which I don’t get). I’m pretty sure ESPN bought the rights to the races on the condition that they wouldn’t have to compete for viewers with a commercial-free live internet feed. Personally, I’d rather watch in my own time without obnoxious commercials.

TheCoBBus says:

Luna Rossas second gype was little bit too fast i think they should do it slower so they could get the lift on the other foil like you see new zeland doing that they drive steady on 2 board and then gype and take the other slowly up

ard sur says:

@Tom this is because 5 legs are already boring, let alone 7 legs. 

ard sur says:

@Kelly “” Why can the KIWIS watch it live and US can’t.”” to problem is simple”, US thinks they are great, sorry they are not, well except in the listening to all telephone calls and reading your emails. USA sucks

ard sur says:

beedub75 well I really doubt to see 2 boats close on last leg. this is the first race that lasted till the 1st leeward mark; all other races were no races (one boat) or decided before the start line.

ard sur says:

@jeremyrainman it is a matter of the kiwi’s being faster and better. even when occasionally LR is even with NZ at the start line, the kiwis are quicker at mark1, luckily!!!

ard sur says:

@allen I just saw the complete replay of races 4&5 on youtube /watch?v=DmOySkQHwf8

doomedarkness says:

Guess why, prick. It’s all about the money, not the skills.

ianqpm says:

work all day, need to watch to catch-up on the races, Let’s get it going!!!!

Allan Driver says:

I don’t understand why the Finals races 4 and 5 is not available despite being uploaded 8 hours ago. I can see the summary video but cannot see the 2 hour replay!

sam monet says:

again, the youtube is a youboob, with all their money one would think they could post a simple video, sad

jeremyrainman says:

Finally a race that doesn’t look like domination of ETNZ from start to finish. Here’s hoping the Italians can make it closer and closer as the finals progress.

WIN THE FIRST LEG LUNA ROSSA. Just please, once, win the first leg.

Also, I do not understand all the failed attempts at slamming the kiwis at the start. I’ve seen at least 3 starts now from Luna Rossa where they had a fantastic chance to thoroughly beat the kiwis at the start, and failed to do so. Get aggressive at the start!

beeDUB75 says:

wonder if we’ll see a race where both boats are on the last leg together. Great boats, ordinary races.

tobias wilson says:

Team New Zealand sailed a perfect race 3 more wins then the big one GO KIWIS

yodeboubtripin says:

wtf it wont play?

redresonant says:


rockie071 says:

Bottom line. The Italians suck.

David Sharp says:

Finally a race for number 5.

AccurateShooter says:

Great, great boat-handling by ETNZ. And it was awesome to see a close race. This IS exciting. And to the AmCup video producers, thank you thank you putting Nathan on the team. He really knows what’s going on. For example, at the end of the broadcast he explains the “how to” and “why” of foiling upwind “low and fast” to get into a tactically better position. Great stuff Nathan — hope you stay with the team throughout the remaining races.

Dean Wilson says:

Agree Fla, The Italians have the slower boat last thing they need is to be losing the starts, Race 4 start was absolutely disgraceful he should have pushed the Kiwis up.

Kelly Marzano says:

Go New Zealand. Better than the old days. SFO is an awesome place to watch but TV coverage stinks. Why can the KIWIS watch it live and US can’t. Go to an Americas Cup in Auckland sometime they know how to do it and televise it!

simonetbenoit74 says:

Not against this spectacular show. Just a bit disappointed it replaced true America’s cup art of sailing on match racing. Once again, SPORT is becoming a big show where the medias are only focusing on bringing more audience.

Fla Rio says:

Chris Draper is disappointing in the pre-start maneuvers… call Torben Grael!!!

Tom Greene says:


ah591006 says:

boring! liked the old days better

Artur Ostrowski says:

Second of today’s races was a training for ETNZ, they’ve just been trying some solutions. Except (eventual) damages there will be no thrill in this final.
One more idea : yankees have turned the sailors into an american football teams (when you look at the gybes and the turns) – although it looks, like the rugby world cup holders are quicker and tougher ones :)))

TheBayloon says:

Just wrote a complaint about showing races 4 & 5 and kazaam…I’ve got video Houston.

IdahoDigital says:

I absolutely agree. I’d love to hear more crew audio and see more race VMG, angles, etc.

imadufus2 says:

The only thing that sucks more than this LVC series, is my shopvac…. How could they do such a good job on the ac45 series and then do such a horrible job with the main event.

And really ESPN3… talk about the read headed stepchild of sporting networks. I thought the whole point of this cup was to generate public interest…. you really can’t do that on a third rate sports network. Maybe when ETNZ wins the cup, the Kiwis will bring honor and excitement back to the Americas Cup.

AccurateShooter says:

Try setting to 240p, then it may launched. Then I changed to “auto” and playback quality improved for me. Might work for you.

Peter Ivanac says:

The coverage of this AC is completely shite. Get it right guys.

starchaser28 says:

ETNZ looking really good in light winds. AC final should be really interesting.

woodtreks says:

racing is anti-climatic. over at the start.. unless there’s a breakdown. and now we can see the delayed broadcast only in 360p at this time. To the credit of those involved, great job on all the technical video razmataz, but if the racing isn’t close, I don’t think we’re going to convert the masses. As always, the AC industry veterans – the intrenched insiders – just don’t understand what will make the sport approachable to non-sailors… never have. This had been going on for two decades now.

Dirtymartinijeff says:

Wow, no post 2nd race comments from Luna Rossa!

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