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Scheduled for Aug 19, 2013 Emirates Team New Zealand vs Luna Rossa Challenge ——————————————————————– www.f…

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TheThuggie says:

Aussies = gear failure – search One Australia Sinking on youtube. If it didn’t break you didn’t push hard enough.

TheThuggie says:

the original race was for the fastest boat – NOT match racing. The deed reflects that. 12 metre racing was full of technical failures search – youtube One Australia Sinking and you will see what I mean.

This is the most exciting yachting imaginable and the fastest – which is the point of racing.

alexdiavoletto1 says:

Do you excuse, would someone know me to point out the link of a site where? can the races be followed Live?? Thanks.

alexdiavoletto1 says:

Scusate, qualcuno mi saprebbe indicare il link di un sito dove si possano seguire le regate in Diretta?? Grazie.

K Taylor says:

I agree. If old designs were the way of the future, nascar would be all about horse and buggy races.

LeftTension says:

You could not have said that better….the holder of the cup decides the format. GO team NZ

redresonant says:

These cats are the future. Of course there’s going to be problems in making a quantum leap forward. I love sailing and as alien as this may seem to all of us, it will bring new people to the sport. It’s just too exciting.

Jamie S. says:

shadow of the helicopter

K Taylor says:

The monohulls were as much about tuning technology and playing the rules as these multihulls are. There were plenty of breakdowns in mono-hull races, and need I remind you of the invention of the winged keel?

If you want it to be *just* about the sailors, you should be insisting that everybody use *exactly* the same boat design, that they are built by the same ship yard, and that they all use identical wings/sails. If you make the boats faster, you’ll get a better measure of the sailors.

Fla Rio says:

The difference is that there are 11 Formula1 teams, each with two cars, making a total of 22 cars racing almost 20 races per championship. If some of them break, no problem. On the other hand there are 2 boats to race 7 races on LV finals. We havent seen a real race so far… I’m not against hi-tech, I’m pro real racing between close boats… thats why VOR made the right call by turning their boats a class with the same project (with lots of design and hi-tech)… my opinion.

rabidbigdog says:

Hmmm, three high stake races, three tech failures. Not looking good.

From this Aussie; go TNZ. This yacht race needs a complete rethink once you have the Cup back guys.

16abcdefg1 says:

1:24:25 what is that dark thing under the boat?

sam monet says:

lefttension, way toooo much tension lol

our hobie 20’s are doing 23mph on beam reach, buy an old one for $5K, new sails and stuff, save some money, have more fun…not windsurfing or kite boarding, but ok for old guys
.i dont think you need a gold medalist to crank winches, a trained gym rat will do

Jim Fet says:

It appears that the various boats are beginning to show signs of fatigue and extreme wear. Too bad Artemis isn’t racing now. Their boat was factory new and their crew’s learning curve was stupendous. One can hope that the US, with two boats, will always have one ready to go.

LeftTension says:

Nobody is laughing at your dum comments

LeftTension says:

your link is just to the homepage of youtube dumass

sam monet says:

ooohhhh, touchy aren’t we, sounds like you need some viagra

LeftTension says:

Gotta keep up with the times old fella….Sailing is sailing….no matter what boats you use, and talent does not diminish because you sail multihulls….i wish you guys with no sports to watch would just piss off

LeftTension says:

Like i said before….your a tunnel visioned idiot

LeftTension says:

your an idiot, check the entries into the America’s cup regatta, you will find 80 percent Kiwi’s , 10 percent Aussie’s and 10 percent Rest of world,…you must be a Yankee ….look at the crew and management of your own boats …bloody hell….Kiwi’s are everywhere !!

sam monet says:

token Italians don’t count

ukepenviolin says:

Most are, but I believe a few of them (Sirenna included) are italian.

sam monet says:

Actually they are not really Italians, New Zealanders in Italian clothing, yikes that is even worst 🙂

sam monet says:

what is the url, more really good hawaiian cat sailing on vimeo, this site will not allow a link

Titan says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Subscribe to my New Youtube Channel, I will subscribe you back!!!

sam monet says:

Hawaiian cat sailors have the real “life style” best sailing in the world

Mati-Babi says:

Na, wird ja immer besser, davon abgesehen, das der Start ja ganz spannend war, aber da auch wieder das tolle Verständnis für Segeln/Races, was macht die Kamera, schön Close-up, damit man auch ja nicht sieht wie die Sache sich entwickelt, wobei, ob Luv oder Lee, die KIWIS sind so viel schneller, spielt gar keine Rolle, schwupps sind Sie in Lee durch. Na, war dann wie eine Erlösung, dass bei PRADA wieder was zu Bruch ging. Wie immer, herzlichen Dank, ORACLE für die Zerstörung von allem was an …

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d gar says:

switch to sailing … “”

Richard Jaeschke says:

At least with the old 12 meter boats there was always a two boat race! AC has been getting more and more dependent on not breaking, not sailing talent over the last several years. Very disappointing to watch.

thewindyrainbow says:

Soooooo it is Carl ! :-)

Carl Anton Brenninkmeijer says:

…and…these are new boat types! new for everyone and the rules have changed soooooo many times, then the intro of foils!
i just hope, as a kiwi, that LR and TNZ have real races and no issues with hardware. i want to see competition! 😉

James Harris says:

Where da Aussie boat at?

finn vince says:

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thewindyrainbow says:

Sam…I think diffrence it’s becoming lower and lower…let’s see what’s happening,without tech problems…It isn’t finished yet….For the rest, for sure regarding lifestyle we can teach the world…but don’t forget Italians that…we are a sailers country too ! 😉 take it easy man…..

Ma Mario says:

for sam monet…… play with your LITTLE balls…..

Erin Simonson says:

just use a proxy server and watch live on youtube

George Morris says:

The reason is (I guess) that the TV schedle was arranged before the wind limit was imposed

Peter Stauduhar says:

Also, bs about ETNZ had ‘crucial acceleration’ on the first reach. They had mark room.

sam monet says:

Italians, nice outfits, stay home with mama, make pasta; but do not go out and play with the big boys

Peter Stauduhar says:

I think I want ETNZ to win the cup just so they can change the damn boat design.

Craig Fowler says:

Why is it so difficult to watch a flippin race. ESPN 3 who gets that? I don’t get it on my DTV package. Tried You Tube . no better. Still haven’t seen race 3 or 4 of finals or even know if they sailed. NBC SN is also useless. Why doesn’t someone take control of the broadcasts? So frustrated. Losing interest quickly

aerendir1 says:

The actual Americas Cup race is yet to come and I certainly hope kinks, potential failures, testing and upgrades are all finished by time it starts. That’s the problem, for me. These boats and teams should be prepared ahead of time and there shouldn’t be any additional improvements allowed after a certain date ahead of the events.

It’s a shame that there is so much equipment failure but it’s still great to see the advancement. The VOR has the same problem and it’s still a great race to follow.

Jeff Tamsin says:

I agree with Tom. This “racing” kina sucks. It doesn’t have anywhere near the appeal that the world series did.

marcus hukari says:


Murray C says:

You mean like this on 5th March 1995?

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