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Emirates Team New Zealand vs Luna Rossa Challenge ——————————————————————– www….

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Martin Glover says:

this sucks man!! Why can’t we watch the gd race

James Jenson says:

Fascinating? As fascinating as watching grass grow.

Mati-Babi says:

Na, das war ja wieder Hochspannung hoch 3, unsere Marsmännchen, galoppel, galoppel, ganz fein, Captain Kirk gegen Captain Picard, als ob wir es nicht schon aus der ersten Serie wüssten, die KIWIS haben das schnellere Boot. Vielen, vielen Dank an ORACLE, ihr habt alles zerstört, was Segeln/Races ausmacht. Gratulation.

James Harris says:

It sank, first race. Seriously!!!

peter purple says:

Racing on the edge!! Go the mighty kiwis. Also, where is the Aussie boat?

Erik Stocker says:

You’re right…these changes have bourn a fascinating event…

Erik Stocker says:

it did.

Murray C says:

And the Schooner ‘America’ didn’t?

Murray C says:

Simply put, people resent change! But, to quote a phrase Canadians seem to adore…. “sucks to be them”! 😉

Tom Greene says:

Why is the Louis Vuiton Finals shorter by two legs?

OutdoorMaster123 says:

Im not a big fan of the Ac-72. 18 kt wind limit? really? They need to go back to monohulls…

Alokmay Behera says:

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TheSeppentoni says:

The meteorologist explaining the bay was very intresting. 

redresonant says:

I personally am grateful for the Kiwis having advanced the sport so far. Amercia’s Cup was getting antiquidated, and against the rules NZ somehow innovated beyond what was supposed to be the AC. It’ll take a while to iron out the wrinkles. But this is now better than any race car sport! Once this revolution has settled in a little bit, we’ll all be hooked.

Terry Taggart says:

Um, don’t you kind of need to have a sail on the boat to call it sailing?

DHW Johnston says:

Wonderful that there is a class of sailing that is experimenting. If you want to see great match boat racing, Farr 40s are good and even the AC 45s not bad. 12 meters give great match boat racing. So what. How about something new. After all, it is the AC 72s first go. Would like to see them take away the wind restriction or at least move it to 28-30 knots. The boats would probably have smaller wings but there wouldn’t be so many cancellations.

imspecial650 says:

I’m from San Francisco and have been going to almost all the races. They gotta just race, SF is what it is, and we get wind simple as that, you can’t handle it, you should drop out of the competition. We have a fantastic waterfront, and it sucks that the officials are not using our city to the best potential.

Erik Stocker says:

David, that’s fine, but you and I are no more likely to be in a foiling catamaran nor Formula 1 car than we are of being knighted. Fundamentally what makes traditional match racing so compelling is that those of us who participate at our home clubs (and beyond) can empathize with the tactics and strategies employed by the sailors on the race course.

And by the way, if there’s anything more boring than an F1 race, I’ve haven’t seen it…(until this AC, that is…)

Jean-Michel Mamet says:

are we talking about hydropters’racing? this is hydropters’s racing. nevertheless they a great to watch as it is all about ” new Technology” but please give us back “boat” racing not foiling racing.

Gaetano Continillo says:


Maurice Smit says:

20 second racing. Start -1st mark. Race over! Awesome yachts. Boring racing.

I Love Wadi Siaki says:

what a poor thing…

Lucfar Luciano says:

Ciao David, to get an idea and understand the difference, look at the Vuitton Cup final of 2000 between America One of Paul Cayard and LunaRossa with Francesco De Angelis; search on youtube “2000 Louis Vuitton Cup Final Races 1-6”, you’ll see that there have been some tough and fantastic races, with the catamarans will not be possible.

Marco Lonardi says:

Not everybody… i am a huge fan of ACup and i am pleased that finally after 20years they have changed the format,at the end
Monohulls or Multihulls; Sailing or Foiling the best are always the same.

Edouard Jensen says:

The commentators really need to learn to shut up and let Ken Read speak. He immediately spotted that ETNZ had a problem and the others just went on blathering about … the mist!

David Sharp says:

I kind of see it as the formula 1 of sailboat racing. The tactics and rules will be different than say stock car racing. Those cars are hyper expensive and on the edge of disaster as well. I do think that they have turned a race into a parade though. The AC 45s it seamed had closer and more exciting races. I am hoping that the AC72s are worked out over time and in the future they will have more exciting races as well.

redresonant says:

I personally am stojked for the new foil catamarans, and to see Dean Barker ruling the format. I’ll never forget Auckland, and all the harbours of NZ with their 4 year olds out racing in 15 knot winds every weekend. Sailing is NZ’s sport, just like hockey belongs to Canada. No one touches their sport, not while a genius with bull’s balls is at the helm.

justice1345 says:

Wondering the same thing.

sirfun says:

These boats are too fast for the small limited racecourse also.

Erik Stocker says:

David, do you really care who wins?  I don’t. Partisanship…bad for politics, great for yacht racing. You a big Larry Ellison fan? Me neither. In order of consequence, the “boats” are hyper-expensive (limits competition), fragile (you see this weekend’s “racing”?), and dangerous (though I believe a competitor ought be allowed to assess for himself, the risks). But much more than this, the sailing characteristics of these catamarans pervert match racing tactics and strategy altogether.

Dean Butler says:

I say… finish the Cups on Hobies with YouTube giving live coverage… no wind limits. Be more interesting than finding out 5 hours later who broke first.

David Sharp says:

I have a question if you don’t mind. Your comment is one I’ve heard before. Having not been a follower of yacht racing until this year I struggle to understand why fans are upset with the format of the Louis Vuitton and America’s cup. I am a new sailor, purchased my first boat last year and am now in love with the sport. The graphics used now have made racing understandable and helped me to get into it. I prefer monohulls but other than that why are folks so repulsed by AC today vs. the past?

Matt Kiely says:

I’m watching it now in Los Angeles, 815pm. Yesterday the races weren’t available live on You-tube. I see that NBC coverage is delayed, maybe they become available later in the day.

Erik Stocker says:

If only there were a way to put a stop to this abomination…this fraud…

K.H. Weiss says:

I live in the North East of the USA. It sure is available here and I am watching it right now. Why would it not be available on the West Coast? Very strange.

drcelsius says:

Seriously give us the race

Steve C says:

Not available in the US? WTF is that about?

Carl Barkow says:

How is race 2 not available to bay area residents. Not available in my country is not acceptable.

Seth Hynes says:

I live in San Francisco. How is this video “not available in your country!?”

gptourchannel says:

poi è colpa della crisi…
freaking oafish!

carletto kro says:

Prima vanno sott’acqua di prua , evidentemente si rompe qualche cosa, ed eccoti che improvviso sorge una vento così forte, ma così forte, che la seconda regata non si può fare.

Poi quando si può fare la seconda regata si rompe qualche cosa ed eccoti che improvviso sorge un vento così forte, ma così forte, che la terza regata non si può fare.

Sarà che penso male……………………..­.

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