Reed Kessler – Cylana – Grand Prix Hermès Paris 2013

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Reed Kessler – Cylana – Grand Prix Hermès Paris 2013. Two rounds. 2nd place.

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sarah deal jenkins says:

You have excellent judgement, one of the best riders I’ve ever seen.

Jenna Bos says:

Does reed ever do X country

CHEVYedsf says:

I wonder if these riders know how lucky they are. I grew up in a dirt poor
family in a big city with no horses for a hundred miles. I’ve always wanted
to be a grand prix jumper and now that i’m on my own I make good money but
ever dollar goes to bills. I fucking hate it.

JCZajezd says:

Upload Hansi Dreher and Embassy II, please!

Stephanie McKenzie says:

They know. They may just not appreciate the idea as much because they live
in it, but I’m sure that goes for almost anybody. Try saving up money. Even
if you save up $80 a month you could at least take lessons twice a month.
Or divide that buy two still. Eric Lamaze grew up in the ghetto but joined
the hunt club. Now he is a grand prix rider. Dreams don’t come from dreams,
they come from the willing.

CHEVYedsf says:

I still live in the big city and like I said, literally every penny goes to
bills, food and gas. If I had a local horse club I’d try to find a way to
join but there arent any.

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