Rani Zakhem | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 Full Show | Exclusive

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Rani Zakhem | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 by *** | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

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Elizabeth Kenobi says:

Aw man, ruined again by the wedding dress. I was liking most of this collection before that. Why do they make wedding dresses look like lingerie? Also, playing Elvis just made it feel like a cheap Vegas wedding–to a hooker. Also, the dresses with front slits were sometimes just too high. Since when has showing underwear been part of evening wear? However, most of these dresses were great and reminded me of 30's Hollywood.

Corey Anderson says:

I really like the dresses.

Revaline Isle says:

These are the most boring models I've ever seen. The dresses were so glam; yet they were literally like walking racks -_-

Leborgne Richard says:

J'adore 💕

anali sandra says:


Kathryn Arnold says:

A beautiful collection. This designer understands glamour. Hello Hollywood, are you paying attention? These clothes should be all over the Red Carpet! There are pieces for the young and svelte as well as the mature actress.

Rania Bersali says:

certaines robes sont très jolies et d autre elles ne le sont ps du tt

Tigresa says:

You gotta feel sorry for the models….most of them are having really hard time walking with these shoes and on this floor…

Jeff Emerson says:

I will have to watch this again as I was model-memorized first time around, esp. at 12:12, 12:45, and the 13:50 close. Someone get me a vodka.

Brenda Fuller says:

first model in the white gown and hood turned the corner perfectly for the train to follow 👌🌹🌹

LaWanda Edwards says:

Very beautiful collection.

Lisa Stallings says:

Such stunning pieces. I do wish though that the nude/flesh backings didn’t have zippers- put the zippers to the side of the gown. The model at 3:30 reminded me of a young Bianca Jagger.

Meer Hamza says:

Designer seems disappointed while walking

Sebastian Wendel says:

… those women look all too innocent …

Roi Black says:

Some models can´t walk with grace. And why are the zippers visible? There sparkling gold and everything, but no craftsmanship to the zipper? Some dresses are really beautiful and full of grace, but please hire better models and seamstresses.

Anna-Liisa Mäki-Haapoja says:

Hienoja Iltapukuja

Julio Meza says:

Hate All those See through dresses and too much Glitter and secuences . all those designer copy from each other the same styles , with the long split on the leg. I think a prostitute would look good on those dresses, but a very elegant and decent woman would not wear those dresses where they will show all their body naked.

Macbasil says:

Some models can't really walk well in heels it maybe because of the heels were slanted or they just can't. The music is not giving me any vibes, music should accommodate the ambiance of the fashion. When the models walk for the final viewing the music is so weird, i couldn't handle it. Anything else the masterpiece is very good. It just makes it look less mind blowing because of the models. I hope next time you will hire some sort of more professional model. Thank you for sharing your talent 🙂

Marie Fabre says:

Wo la la beautiful

Maria Averkieva says:

Очень красиво!

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