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Ralph & Russo Spring Summer 2019 Haute Couture fashion show at Paris Couture Week (January 21, 2019) full video. Photos: https://kendam.com/photos/album/fowzxtrncrue

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Ann Quintana says:

Very Nice, yet I need a better statement I arrived it's legality business

Frank Gyori says:

Absolutely breathtaking…

Jaqueline Venigre says:

I just adored everything about this collection it was sleek, sexy, fitted, feminine and very wearable for the women who wants to feel incredibly beautiful and sexy!

Danita Gainey says:

I adorable the green suits with the large brimmed hats! Stunning

Andrey Povalchuk says:

Макияж не для моделей для показа ,на мой взгляд ……

sofia tt says:

GFDL Belém y otro lo podó gripe portó y kbitrophtl ylotd.rlltpdptppr

Daniele Aguiar says:

Muito lindo amei🥰🥰

Rosalinda Dorlus says:

Woowww very chic congratulations, I love it 💋💋🍓🍓💋💋😙😙💋💋🌹🌹🌹🍓🍓🍒🍒🍒🍒❤❤❤💋

Isa Ross says:

sweet bon bon dresses. love the way they move and the way the materials move. very expert knowledge of fabric and how to make a woman feel beautiful. do you do them in larger sizes and maybe some comfy shoes? something for all the beautiful Hatty Jakes of the world please.

Айгуль Жантайлакова says:

Брючные костюмы с красивыми цветами ткани и цветными камнями подобранны очень умело и со шляпами смотрятся очень элегантно и по европейский шикарно. Модели очень красивые и подиум красивый. Вся коллекция красивая. Крокодил на платье не совсем утонченно.

Sulochana Behera says:

Gorgeously done 😍😍

Brandonisio Lenka says:

Wunderschöne erfrischende 60 Jahre Mode ❤️

The Goddess says:

Gorgeous…. Breathtakingly beyond gorgeous ! I love all the collection… the designs… the colors … the hats … the embellishments…. and the models are all so beautiful …..and all the models do not wear any jewelries to distract the superior designs .. brave ! this is superior and the best of the best . I wish I have a rich husband.. I would ask him to get me some Ralph Russo ❤️

Lynnie501 says:

Wow absolutely stunning !!

Carmen Guevara says:

Me encantó.

alex pj Morgan says:

Best fashion edit on YouTube

fantamas06 says:

I kept my breath with each coming model and dress on them! Fantastic show!!! Keep going !

fantamas06 says:

For real ladies!!!

fantamas06 says:

Beautiful models, WOW dresses!!!!

Maria José dos Santos says:

Apenas para rainhas e princesas. ..mui belo

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