Ralph & Russo | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Ralph & Russo | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019 by Tamara Ralph | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

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Lety Manriquez says:

Wow!! Beautiful!!
Best designers I ever seen; quality and elegance.

alexandria nguyen says:

bravo, bellisima

Magenta-Rose Park says:

pretty dresses

marydeth mary says:

Fantastic 😍😘😗

Lovin'Life2016 says:

@ 13:34 Blue float, GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda J. Clarke says:

Is YouTube fashion show music 'elevator music' rejects?

Amoosh Gamoosh says:

14:08 🤲🏻👰🏻

Shuhada Shuhada says:

Wow look expensive awesome

cant wait for Dora the explorer movie says:

I can see Beyonce wear the first suit. It's very her maybe the colour can change

Linda Burnette says:

The best of of the designers this sesons they kicked ass…fire. let me give up to camera man…

Trish Riederer says:

Too bad they didn't use more middle eastern models

Kri MD says:

I always wanna grab ahold of whoever is doing the filming and editing and tell them to give every look the proper angles and to stop going from one frame to another where we can’t actually see the designs and focus on showing things where we get a full view of how each one walks and where were able to see all the detailing that went into the designs bc no matter what fashion show I’ve seen , it’s always the same thing … camera angles are all over the place and don’t show equally , enough for each design .. it irritates me. Some of these were given more attention than others and it’s like why ? I truly appreciate the designs in this collection , as it’s definitely better than most collections that I’ve seen recently. I get tired of seeing the same androgynous looks time and time again from many of the designers today in fashion. I applaud this point of view. It’s elegant and breathtaking ! Too many people use their voice as a designer to promote work that keeps getting praised for being so new and innovative, yet we see the same tired looks and elements from well known designers and it’s hard to find in most people’s collections, truly new and fresh looks that haven’t been done over and over again. I especially like that this collection isn’t tortured and over worked and isn’t just regurgitating something from decades past with dated looks we’ve seen again and again throughout the industry. It’s so refreshing to see this collection. Omg ! Beautiful !! There were about 3 designs however , that I’ve seen other designers do pretty much the same look within the last 5-10 years though. I know there’s no way we’re going to see things that haven’t to some degree , been done before bc there’s only so much you can Create that hasn’t been done before In some version or another , similarly enough but there was definitely a strong point of view with s fresh appeal , exuding elegance and I love this collection !! Not crazy about the pieces that had jewels that looked like a snake though. Like what is that trying to convey ? The shape and detailing Could’ve easily been incorporated without it being a snake pattern and not sure why that was included in the work and it didn’t really tell a story imo as to why it was included and didn’t seem to need it , honestly. Could understand if it tied into the storyline or had more purpose somehow. But I didn’t quite follow the whole story with the snake theme in some of the garments. Wasn’t necessary Imo. Just felt disconnected for real. Other than that , I loved the entire show.

BubblegumPink00 says:

Sooo many fabulous pieces!

Tabitha Brown says:

Nice. Collection

cjah ngawi says:

I love it….😍😙😘

AutoLightlanguage Chrystalline says:

it's a no from me

bellabana says:

Tamara Ralph & Michael Russo are both Australian & started their company in London in 2004, it spread by word of mouth & their big break was being invited to show in Paris in 2014 & now they’re still expanding, such a huge success considering where they started from in Australia!

m. mache says:

Hobeika Amazing fashion superb quality magnificent fit conffy sparkling humbling I love it public sector voted 200k plus Congratulations by I'm not Stranger's to the Royal family

m. mache says:

Emeliano honey the test of Italy your Fashion Absolutely stunning beautiful gorgeous charming super fit conffy on your magnificent remarkable body public crazy for it public sector voted 200k like Congratulations by I'm not Stranger's to the Royal family x mo

m. mache says:

Russo honey yes yes yes incredible beautiful fashion dresses all styles beautiful conffy sparkling it's taking my eyes away by the looks at you Hollywood London Paris Italian style love it I love it every one loves it public sector voted 200k like Congratulations by I'm not Stranger's to the Royal family x mo judges

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