Ralph & Russo | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 Full Show | Exclusive

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Ralph & Russo | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 by Tamara Ralph | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW)

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Hayden K. says:

I guess I'd be considered a bit old-fashioned style-wise to only be 21, but I absolutely loved all but two looks in this entire collection. I hate to seem stereotyping but many of the pieces on the Asian models were carried out especially gorgeously, as well as the first model, the dark-skinned model at 7:04, and the three looks that came after her. I also just love the look and structure of the dress at 11:04 — I enjoy that it made me shocked that I used to hate that desaturated-flowers-on-black print.

Also someone said the music is boring. The music is perfect. The rock and dubstep movements are just so bad in my personal view.

George Melo says:

?ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO?Brazilian Top Model in the epic moment of the fashion show

Najla alkhuzayem says:

Does any one know the finale song ???

Najeb Nadir says:

that's great

ad da says:

it is a barbie/kitshe style!

jean billy says:

This is Dior. Not Maria. I love Maria but sorry her vision for Dior is still Valentino-esque.

neokenni me says:

the first dress inspires me for my wedding dress one day

Aramis Pietro says:

Brazil tem suas riquezas ? Alessandra

mateus weber says:

11:50 Alessandra Ambrósio do BRASILLLLLLL <3

ceciLOVEtaco says:

These models are awful, can't even walk straight. A plain season , no wow factor.

The Fashion Corner says:

Everything is beautiful omg !

David Kingston says:

OMG! So beautiful, wonderful show, I'm imagining an aesthetic similar to some looks of this fashion show at CHANEL's Haute Couture, as well as some of the HC collection from Fendi FW 2016/17, in the future after Karl, would be interesting.

Mary Al says:

wow great craftsmanship!

Flickeria Kirk says:

Right on que for the Oscars.

AF princess says:

collection is stunning

Lydia Bocage says:

I thought this was stunning. This is how to do Haute Couture. Dior and Givenchy look and learn.

Bonnie Wagner says:


Avec Moi says:

So many Houses mixed. But still better at ton than those asymmetrical shits they call fashion nowadays.

cooldudedewends55 says:

The music is so boring

Alvin Fenner says:

I love this collection…a lot rtw pieces, but they did a good job!

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