Ralph & Russo | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Ralph & Russo | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – Paris/France)

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Celty Tompkins says:

Some of the individual pieces are cool, but overall it was a little 'meh'. Also some of the designs look very familiar, there is one dress that is almost an exact copy of a Marchesa dress from a few seasons ago, and the feather trim pants are a total copy of Prada.

Figurati says:

2:52 WOW Im in love

peter n says:

One of the best fashion shows

ImanniShows says:

The opening suits are everything

oken227 says:

This collection was all over the place… It just didn't make sense, there was no clear direction or idea. And a few looks bordered on tacky. But there were a few standouts that were amazing. Overall I just think there was too much going on.

strayiggyTV says:

I have such a mixed reaction to Ralph&Russo. On the one hand they never really manage to blow me away and after a while they're aesthetic can feel a little samey but at the same time I still like most of what they do. I catch myself saying 'these are things I can see people really wearing, looks to be seen in' but none of it strikes me as art. I guess they make beautiful dresses, not revolutionary, not game changing, just…beautiful.

ceciLOVEtaco says:

Bias cut napkin swinging between legs as the opening ~
No wow factor at all. Not to mention very read-to-wear.

Gloria GloGlo says:

+MichelleChanel Being cohesive is a great representation of a collection most of the times it's a clear image of the specific theme your trying 2 present.Whereas if you have a bunch of fabrics in one collection it works at times but most times it looks all over the place.I've learned that from the earlier collections I've done some pieces we're good individually but it was okay as a collection but next year it will be cohesive. Watch R&R earlier collections and this collection you'll see a huge difference!

romee strijd super fan says:

2:53 this girl comment in one of my pictures of instagram i feel so popular 😂

Michael Ocampo says:

I feel like this collection doesn't fit with the DNA of the R&R house. Their work up to this point has been so prim, proper, pastel, and ladylike (think Angelina Jolie meeting Queen Elizabeth) and so this collection kinda feels like it's coming from left field. You could have said this was some sort of sexy 1980's Emmanuel Ungaro collection instead. An interesting change, but doesn't feel very R&R to me.

Madina Vadache says:

RR is good production and hard work like high end factory very ambitious couple they have idea to dominate couture production with million verity of dresses to choose from but it’s cooled like ice .. I don’t know there something strange I can’t quite pin point

Sam Dh says:

I thought there's gonna be something new to the table but to my surprise everythg is same as before.Nevertheless those color blocking silhouttes are nice.

Erald Berat says:

Still Indian dhe arabik

MichelleChanel says:

I don’t think they’re trying to be cohesive. Is that a rule? All Collections must be cohesive? I really wanna know. Is that a thing in fashion? Is not being cohesive really a problem?

MichelleChanel says:

Im obsessed with Ralph & Russo

Gloria GloGlo says:

I love and Adore R&R as a fashion student their the ones I look up to in terms of my niche within the fashion market and what they represent as a brand but compared to what they use to present I feel like it's too many beautiful individual dresses mixed all in together at the last minute yes it's couture and in couture there's a bunch of dresses but it's always good to make it cohesive make it have a theme so that it flows like a beautiful story from A to Z individually the creations are top Notch some dresses look like its beens used with cheap fabric and all of these dresses if it fits as a collection ABSOLUTELY NOT… all I'm asking is 4 this brand to not lose their touch of classy , elegance and cohesiveness when it comes to their creations and presentations which is what we fell mad in love with…Im happy their expanding 2 retail shops now.
I still look up to this brand though Tamara is my fashion Idol 😗😗😗

Dissily Mordentroge says:

Some superb pieces but what’s with the zombie music?

ukim chong says:

i liked Ralph Russo in the beginning, but this is the worst show from them i have ever seen.
Their clothes used to be made to perfection, but this is bad. And the prints are tacky. The use of color has no connection between clothes. It looks like scraps from their previous collection

faca bs says:

The styling, hair and make up are awful, the collection is a mix of everything, Zudair, Verace, Prada, Vauthier, Valli ,Ysl and Valentino

Seagreentangerine says:

Underwhelming and rehashed dresses from all eras. Nothing in the cut or technology of the fabric is interesting.

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