PrettyLittleFawn // Spring Wardrobe

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Today I’m sharing 10 new pieces in my Spring wardrobe that I’m loving. Plus a guest appearance from the one and only – Mops.

Pieces featured:

Sezane LS Blouse :

Sezane SS Blouse :

Realisation Par Dress :

Doên Palma Blouse :

Doên Sol Dress :

Doên Tansy Dress :

Reformation Dress :

By Far Shoes :

Chanel Slingbacks :

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Mai Bo says:

I love ALL your wardrobe! 😍 😍 curious with both of your necklace, where are they from?

Nabil Alsadi says:

lllllove for each piece😍

Aratrika Dass says:

I just came across your channel! I am absolutely in love with your style. 🙂 ❤️

hanna badawi says:

I just realized you have a YouTube channel and IM DYING!’ Binge watching

Natmari says:

I really like the top you are wearing.

Diana Starr says:

Love your personality, style and awesomeness! ( your blog is amazing as well , been reading for a very long time)

I love beauty bits , please share more!!!

Ellie Tress says:

would you say that the BY FAR shoes fit to size?

Erika Šolcová says:

I love your style ❤

Let's Gong fm says:

Do you have Instagram ?

precious A says:

Hey Courtney! This may be the dumbest question ever, but how do you take care of your Doen pieces? I’m so scared to take them to a dry cleaner because I feel like they’re so delicate 😭

Rae Weaver says:

Loved this! I'm so in love with that top you scored at Crossroads.

Laura Marazzi says:

Love that you now have a youtube channel! The format of this video is amazing! Looking forward to seeing more content by you! <3

Destiny Kenna says:

I love these looks! Keep up the awesome content! <3 -@dessie_v

Emma Ryman says:

I'm a fan of your blog – glad you have a Youtube channel now!

Samantha Ramirez says:

Beautiful video! I love your craftsman style home! Can I ask where your clothing rack is from?

Triffany Tan says:

I came from your instagram! Love your hair and all the outfits in the video too!

Elyssa C says:

Everything is just so lovely 😭 –great video, keep it up!

Lisa McDougal says:

Love love love this. I think the square toed shoes really work with your look. I can see it with the Topshop top and jeans, or your marigold shirt from the blog.

Sydney Spearman says:

So cute loved everything! ❤️ Btw can I just ask what jeans you were wearing in this video? xxx

Nicky Jacobs says:

Hi from Belgium ♥️ love your channel!

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