Première Tourbillon – CHANEL

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On the 25th anniversary of the Première watch, Chanel offers women the opportunity to enter into the world of high mechanical complications with the Première…

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By Juliet says:

Amazing timepiece

yellowlau lau says:


daradidam says:

only if you (or your wealthy spouse) have 300k bucks to burn.

ka-yo fuffany-fussany says:

〆 The fashion essential that never goes out of style… a new film revealing
the story behind the iconic CHANEL jacket. The jacket – Inside CHANEL …

Elena Komarchuk says:

On the 25th anniversary of the Première watch, Chanel offers women the
opportunity to enter into the world of high mechanical complications with
the Première Flying Tourbillon.
A watch that is as mysterious as it is beautiful and poetic, presented in
the International Watch Fair at Basel from March 8th to 15th , 2012.
Première Tourbillon – CHANEL

GyG Joyeros says:

GmusicismylifeT says:


zhangjibigcircle says:


Agush Shavanel says:

the link of the song please

ExpelIiarmus says:

I love it <3 And how much this cost? Just curious ;D

galashaipova says:


Areli Flores says:

I have bright hopes, like if I was in someone else dream, I have bright

iseulna says:

lovely to just “watch”!

Tiffany Wang says:

that is stunning..

Marija Zivkovic says:

I love it. And music is great. 🙂

elden2003 says:


GreenDesignMatters says:

Yes it is just Incredible, Stunning. Disappear Here.

Mis Santos says:

tanto lujo para ver la hora?… y pensar que el tiempo es más valioso que
esto u_u

KENTONvideo says:


Мжель Пасечников says:

после теории Суперструн Брайна Грина, даже реклама Шанель приобретает
магический смысл, красоты, искусства, познавания.

elden2003 says:


Мжель Пасечников says:

О даааа, разговаривай со мной мне это нравится.

youi mela says:

simply love this piece of ART !

SonattaMorales says:

that’s what I call elegant design- the diamonds seem to be an essential
part of the watch and not pure adornment. simply beautiful.

Miu Hui says:


pietr11 says:

Whats name of this song, pleas?

BunnyFunny2323 says:

@Expelliarmus more than $54,000.

sibanak8888 says:

@pietr11 the music is called “Bright Hopes” and was composed for the brand.
You can go there :Facebook- erwan Mirabeau then “band profile ” . Schuss!

Rich Jonny says:

very nice . HotPurseShop

Erwan Mirabeau says:

Just type “Bright hopes erwan” in Itunes. But it’s not the instrumental
version. Regards.

NeverEclipsed says:

stunning! someone buy this for me STAT!

Positive091 says:

Fantastic modle

Mzourix3 says:

Woow! (*_*)

limeysweetdog says:


benjaminhk says:

Breguet is crying in the heaven…

jamgrl38 says:

Omg!!! My initials are on the back…no joke! For me? Thank you, God…you
shouldn’t have, but I’m glad you did 🙂

加賀昌子 says:


Ольга Красовская says:
Oksana Borisova says:
Reemshereen Reemoo says:
guka makharashvili says:
Reemshereen Reemoo says:

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