Pregnant Outfit Ideas, Comfortable Maternity Outfits! Maternity Style!

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Hi friends! Here are some pregnancy outfit ideas. I prefilmed this video while I was 20-40 weeks pregnant. 😀

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✿ I bought a majority of my maternity clothes on ThredUp. You can get $10 off your first time purchase with this link:

✿ Hair curled with me Nume Lustrum kit:

✿ Outfit #1
Asos Maternity bought on Thredup:
Justfab red bag:
Nude flats: Target

✿ Outfit #2:
Thred up maternity top:
Pea in a pod maternity leggings:
Nordstom rack tank
Bag: Chanel bag
Black flats: Target

✿ Outfit #3:
Motherhood maternity lace top bought on thredup:
Anne Klein cardigan thredup:
Pink Justfab bag:
Saturday Sunshine fruit infuser:
Old sneakers, here are my new ones I prefer:
Maternity back belt support:

✿ Outfit #4:
Sheinside dress:
Kate Spade necklace: sold out, very old
Pea in a pod maternity leggings:
Black Tieks:
Chanel bag

✿ Outfit #5:
Sheinside sweater dress:
Rebecca Minkoff bag:
Pea in a pod maternity leggings:
Black Tieks:

✿ Outfit #6:
Zulily top:
Pea in a pod maternity leggings:
Louis Vuitton bag

✿ Outfit #7
H&M Cardigan (old, sold out)
Blue maxi dress bought on thredup:
Justfab white purse:

✿ Outfit #8:
Gap Maternity bought on Thredup:
Black Tieks flats:

✿ Outfit #9
Red Asos dress bought on Thredup:
Kate Spade bag:
Nude flats: Target
House of Harlow Key necklace (sold out but here is similar):

✿ Outfit #10
Old navy thredup sweater:
Black tank bought on Zulily:
Pea in a pod maternity leggings:
Rebecca Minkoff bag:
Black Tieks:

✿ Outfit #11:
House of Harlow bracelet:
Thredup dress:
Black flats: Target
Chanel bag

✿ Outfit #12:
Forever 21 sweater: Gift from my mom
Asos tank top bought on Thredup:
Pea in a pod maternity leggings:
Black Tieks flats:

✿ Outfit #13:
Levis Denim jacket:
Maxi dress bought on Thredup:
Flip flops: Target

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Happy Devil says:

u are cute

Trinity Infinity says:

You are so pretty! Congrats!

BB2TRiLL214 says:

i love ur style
u look very comfortable
wish I had ur style and confidence
I'm 32 weeks pregnant and i wear is long tees drives me crazy to get ready sooooo big lol

Pala Lor says:

where did you get your comfortable blk/turq. flat.

jannie lee says:

I know it's been over year…to this video..but I love the pruple top…I click on the link but couldn't find the top…I'm also pregnant n love to have the pruple top…plz help april…

Brenda Nkhoma says:

you cute!

Ashley Martinez says:

I can't seem to find the purse in the 2nd look ! I really love it . 

Rema Sa says:

You're so small and big at the same time. So cute!!

Jimluckasasog Lim says:

My baby's name will be athena too. Ty for inspring US girl :3

Şen İz says:

Beautiful ideas!! Thank you very much <3

Linda Vang says:

Love all the outfits I'm 23 weeks prego and my belly is still growing in kinda small side but yet I still have 4 more months to go…well thanks for the tips 

ClareKnight24 says:

I love your outfits <3
It gives me good ideas =)
I'm currently 33.4 lol
But your cat Charlie looks dead on my baby girl Sophie. I was really quite shocked lol

Harikinnera A says:

Sexy elegant and beautiful!!! Excellent styles 

andreasweetascoco says:

Wow, so stylish and beautiful

Art&Nature says:

You are so beautiful…i am of your height. So want to ask that where do you buy maxi dresses from. When i see them in stores, they are all so long.
I am pregnant now and want to buy those leggings too. Where did you find them?
Thank you in advance please reply.

Xai Ly says:

I used to wear jeans and high heels almost everyday. Once I got pregnant I went to flats and legging too – especially since I was hiding my pregnancy and couldn't go out to buy obvious maternity clothes. XD I used to run in my high heels but now I can barely stand being in high heels all day.

Jules Gar says:

Thanks for the great ideas. I feel so blah and I want to look good and feel good in this pregnancy! !

Graciela Lacy says:

hello April! can u tell me what's the name of the cup u had with water and fruit I believe u said? And where can I buy me one? that cup would be nice to get especially now that I'm taking so many meds for my blood disorders, and lupus… plz reply me back thank u so much

Life as Risper says:

Hi April Just subscribed to you channel and yesterday was a marathon for the pregnancy vlog.. I like ur style I have to check the sites out…Feel free to check my channel

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