Prada | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Prada | Spring Summer 2019 by Miuccia Prada | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – MFW/Milan Fashion Week) #FFLoved

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Aleccej Kraftcoff says:

Hey! Divinity pretty cool magic sexyes! 👏🌼👅🌹👄🍒💋🌷🌐🎆🍎💎🍓🌈🌍⛵👏! Thank you so much!! ! 👏nice dress!👏🌐🎆!

amparo puebla lopez says:

AEsto es ANTIMODA, no?.Menos mal que la mayoría de las mujeres somos lo suficientemente inteligentes como para no caer en la ridiculez !

maria graciela de michele says:

I want dress fucsia 👍

dokbrian says:

im in love with the bags

Xander Sterling says:

For the first time in probably a decade I really love their collection! Both beautiful and wearable. Maybe they really are going to have a turnaround from this disastrous last bit …

RainbowChocolate says:

the knee high socks reminds me of school uniforms.
also some of them are speedwalking like they're late to class, i guess it kind of fits in a way lol

Antonio says:

I don`t like it

شمس الشموس says:

انا ما عندي ما يدار بالعجوز المصري لكي أقبل قبلك في الحياة وليته كان بيصرف عليا يالخثالة يالشيبة يالفقير يالشفار الجنس و الفقر و السخرية و الحثالة سيروا تقودوا

alla belorussova says:

golodaushie inoplanetyane

Maria Vairo says:

Jamàs dejarè de asombrarme sobre la diversidad de gustos que existen…..

Angel Martinez says:

Love Linesy Montero walk. Stole the show.

Sarah Leach says:

Ugh not my favorite designer

Fatima Melicio says:

Lindo, para jovens nāo para todas as idades.

Drekeamo Huang says:

OMG, a bomb of inspirations

Joana Volkova says:

Gaspare e Grimaldi .👍


“ with the music and looks in them faces looks like there “ gonna be some ass kickenn to night “
Yeah baby I’m just playing “

John Brocato says:

honestly coat at 4:57 is blowing my mind i have no idea how thats constructed

Angela Bender says:

Weird models

alanah bellydance says:

a breakthrough collection!

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