Poison Girl by Christian Dior Fragrance / Perfume Review

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Here is a fragrance / cologne review of Poison Girl by Christian Dior! Thank you for watching!

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Lexi Crneckiy says:

I'm confused.. is this review about the EDP or the EDT? It states the EDT but that doesn't seem to have almond and is more of a citrus-vanilla-tonka to me. I really want the bit of almond. Plus your link to buy takes me to the EDP. Very confused.

stefanie böke says:

Great review!!!!!!!

shortiebop01 says:

my fav was the green poison

Maison Magalhães Parfumerie says:

Resenha incrível! Parabéns! ♥

linda Smith says:

I like it it reminds me of b opium

StealthAudrey says:

Appreciate your take on this scent. Up until now, I hadn't looked for it but I plan to give it a try next time I'm out. I'm also a fan of and own Hypnotic Poison and remember liking Midnight Poison as well but that one got away from me. I actually like Pure Posion too, wish I had them all ha Thanks for the review.

Fafima El Koua says:

Midnight Poison is discontubed.

Vivian Ge says:

You finally did a female scent!

Saurabh Kumar says:

great idea of putting pictures of notes mate!!

Soh Seigyoh says:

I noticed the bottle is newer edt version rather than old edp. Do you think edt is much better than edp?

Rahul Sharma says:

Hi Stephen nice review
Please can you do a review of
Pink Champagne Truffle Panah London for women and men

Big Daddy says:

If I might make a suggestion for a future video, Viva La Juicy Sucre smells De-Lish! It's new to the market and hot right now. I actually plan to get it for my girl on her birthday this year. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. As always keep doing what your doing, great job! ?

Mysterium Lugosi says:

Very great review! I just got my nose on this for the first time the other day.
I too love midnight poison and hypnotic poison. I also own two vintage bottles of the original.

Big Daddy says:

Please please please keep mixing in female perfume reviews! All the best reviewers are doing men's Colognes and only occasionally review perfumes for women. Us men need to know what to get our wives and girlfriends as much if not more than what we should for ourselves I think.

Guinea54 says:

I remember when jeremy hyped this one… I don't know anything about female frags so I guess ill get this one if i ever buy a girl a frag gift.

majorkonfuzion says:

Price: $86.95 + Free Shipping,, WOW ! nice.

Mastiffs Feda says:

MAN point of view : Girls buy it !! It is so alluring !!! Perfect for girls under 26 years!
Perfect review Steven !!

Sergio Davalos says:

As always really great Steven. So, do you believe this could be used by a man?
Thanks and happy Sunday.

ofek tovli says:

great scent. it has feve delicieuse spirit

pranav kumar choudhary says:

hi…nice review steven…could you do video for a top ten female fragrances???

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