Plus Size Haul: Spring 2015 Fashion Trends featuring ASOS, Torrid, Lane Bryant & More!

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Hey guys, today, I share with you some of springs hottest trends in plus size in the form of my own personal haul.

Checkout spring trends on the blog:

Links to items below

Old navy Window Pane Print Pants:

Ideel Diamond print lady like dress:

Ideel Blue Jumpsuit:

Lane Bryant Striped Dress:

ASOS Curve Leopard Print Shift Dress:

Lane Bryant Pink Biker Jacket:

Carmakoma Trench Coat:

Torrid Anorak:

Eloquii Gingham Skirt (sold out) More options here

Torrid Star Print Skirt:

Torrid Pleated Skirt (sold out)

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Johanna Collins says:

very nice

Marty Glam says:

I love your wardrobe and make-up hauls and try-ons! In the future, please do a video on wardrobe basics for those of us who work in casual work environments. I can wear jeans, but I want to look pulled together. Thanks!

Helena Thornton says:

You look very sharp young lady(that's a compliment in case folks don't use that word anymore)

Alicia Peacox says:

Lane Bryant has a regualar section you mentioned Lane Bryant's plus size section. jJst curious my Aunt loves their clothes she just not big like me. lol

takiawilliamson1 says:

I love how trends are always repeating themselves, especially Gingham print…that purple moto jacket is giving me so much life! !

Annika R. says:

omg what a great video! these items were awesome! I follow you on instagram i had no idea you were you youtube! great channel i had to subscribe! :)

Fashion Dues says:

Wish u would have tried it on :/

eequalsmcdonald says:

The pastel pink wrap coat is fantastic. 

Sabirah Parker says:

Great pieces!! Thanks for sharing!!

Sagittariusblu Smooches says:

Those were some nice pieces, I noticed that there was a lot of black and white. I'm trying to introduce more color into my wardrobe, but the black and white striped dress was gorgeous

Jess Wills says:

everything always looks great on you. i esp loved those pants (and the dance that came with them)!

Boogey Bean says:

Where did you get the dress you are wearing?

Tisiphone2 says:

I'm curious, never having tried Torrid, what's the quality of the fabric they use in their clothing?  Does it wear well and for a whole season?

uptownflavor says:

Love the striped dress…especially layered with the moto jacket. I got the window pane pants but don't like how they fit at the bottom. I couldn't see how yours fit at the bottom. 

Cyn'sEmptyNest says:

OK, I am loving every last thing you have. You look wonderful. I will be looking for the jumpsuits and the shirt dress. I have a couple of black and white dress that I will be adding a jacket to for a different look. This video help me to know what's in fashion for 2015. Thank you again.

Jessa 4Peace says:

Thank you for this video!  You are so professional and give a wonderful explanation of the pieces with tips on how to wear them.  Thank you!!

Linda Roy says:

Girl, just came across your channel. ALL of those items are to die for!!! You look fabulous in everything. Do your thang. :)

julem247 says:

GREAT video! Loved that LB stripe dress and moto jacket on you but then, you looked great in everything. I'll have to check out Old Navy I never think about them….I also want to try something from Carmakoma (after I save some money, LOL!) they always have interesting pieces. Thanks for this…

Raven Wilson says:

I need the pink motorcycle jacket it's dope thanks…. love you uuuu

Danielle L. Green (RightSide40) says:

I actually just picked up a windowpane blazer from Ashley Stewart last week. Saw a lot of jumpsuits in Bloomingdales+ and Forever 21+ today also.

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