Picking a New Bag From Hermes in Vienna | Tamara Kalinic

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Thank you so much for watching.
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This video is a blog from London, Dubrovnik, Belgrade and Vienna, you can see the most exciting part of it, which is me picking up my new Hermes bag and unboxing it. You can also see some new Sephora goodies and a little bit of Dubrovnik.

MUSIC https://soundcloud.com/ehrling

Zimmermann playsuit in Dubrovnik http://bit.ly/2PVYX3s
Gucci Sunglasses http://bit.ly/2wr948g
Heart Shaped Sunglasses http://bit.ly/2PmcrnJ
Dress from Sephora Haul http://bit.ly/2PSsJps
Dress from Vienna http://bit.ly/2PiTYsg
Chanel Grey Bag http://bit.ly/2PONpyO
Gucci T Shirt http://bit.ly/2Msv5cM
Burgundy maxi tight dress http://bit.ly/2wvcnLz

HERMES Bag Like Mine http://bit.ly/2POAblw



*Left ear:
Chain Studs http://bit.ly/2LbqIkK
Diamond Hoop http://bit.ly/2vR3uf5
Thunderbolt http://bit.ly/2L6NZnW
Daith Piercing http://bit.ly/2L8wiEs

*Right Ear
Dagger Hoop http://bit.ly/2vYkyQm
Turquoise Hoop http://bit.ly/2F8Gj5E
Star http://bit.ly/2L7EoNJ
Cartledge Hoops http://bit.ly/2L6Ygkb

Love ring http://bit.ly/2vXnhtr
Juste Un Clou http://bit.ly/2NDv8CP
Double Juste Un Clou http://bit.ly/2A22aKO
APM Monaco Snake Ring http://bit.ly/2LvPpwo

Horn Necklace http://bit.ly/2Mla2J4
Cartier Neckace http://bit.ly/2tKt7Nm
Celine T Necklace http://bit.ly/2L3oKmA
Tear Drop Tight Necklace http://bit.ly/2vTrQVg

Van Cleef http://bit.ly/2LGuh3I
Cartier Love http://bit.ly/2JyfFlQ
Cartier Juste Un Clou http://bit.ly/2OKGQfp


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Tamara xo

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Tamara Kalinic says:

The video is taking a little bit longer to process some of the music, as its so long, so please bare with me when it comes to few quiet patches <3 Hope you dont mind that its sooooo long

Mirasmuse says:

I am obsessed with the shirt you’re wearing underneath your Fendi jacket !!!! Where is it from ???


I always get so shy (like ridiculously shy) when I'm taking pictures or filming outside and people are watching as if they've witness the birth of a dinosaur. So I applaud you for your ease, professionalism, and confidence at (15:55 and so on) and I aspire to have the Kalinic factor one day. Lots of love from the Netherlands 😘❤️

Leslie Smith says:

I just come for her vlogs and accent. Lol

Christina Lavery Caruso says:

where is the t-shirt from!?

Gracy Cotwell says:

Hi Tamara I loved your name but could you tell me the bag over there it's chanel in which style what's the name of that style 😃

Tamara Trivic says:

Hello! My Name is Tamara😂😍😘

Caitlin G says:

Need to know where your burnt orange top and white paper bag skirt are from!

Mafalda Hopkirk says:

Ta prva paleta je apsolutna kopija Naked 1 palete!

Ana Gligorijević says:

Divan vlog♥

Sara Sam says:

You look Arab

Kelly Davidson says:

We had lunch at BOWA when we were in Dubrovnik! They had the most AMAZING bread! haha

Dilaam Beauty says:

hello Tamara I love your blogs so much, what camera are you using to film your blogs the quality is insane. Love you xxx


love watch your video,and always amazing outfit..

Narda Santos says:

Love that white and star blouse 💖who is it by ?!

Tatsang Ngawang says:

Hi Tamara liked you're all the vlogs, but please eat something, you look more beautiful in the chubby body and face. God bless you always😍

Nadi Bambi says:

I haven't guessed, I thought it would be a Mini Kelly in black smooth leather, without a shoulder strap.

Bérangère Bossis says:

You say in the video « we ». Who is we? Do you have a boyfriend ? 😀

Arabella Magnolia says:

Maybe you could point the camera away from yourself while vlogging….that way we can see the scenery and not just you….😉

CR Gonzalez says:

She’s not being nice sweetie…….it’s called making a sale.

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