Photocall of Jennifer Lopez and Donatella Versace at Versace HC Fashion Show in Paris

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American actress Jennifer Lopez and Italian Fashion Designer Donatella Versace at the Photocall of the Haute Couture Fashion Show in paris
Paris, France on Sunday July 6, 2014

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Mirko Bozic says:

Lopez seems a bit annoyed like she just realized that she might turn out looking just like the woman standing beside her when she hits Donatella's age.

Sidewon Nimene says:

omg, I kept think are usa media that aggressive….."JENNIFER!!!!!!!"

Tashina England says:

How in the hell do u prepare ur self for that kind of arrival damn all the lights all the yelling fantastic dress 

jls jose paco lopez jimenez Muñoz Garcia (chato) says:

de parte de jose luis un mito de la jenifer lopez monica de lucena ciudad 

Angelina♥ says:

Someone said Gaga, i'm sure.

Sara lafolle says:

Mdddddddr jeeeeeennnniiiiiiifffffeeeeeeerrrrr

Raisa Kuvshinnikova says:

мы приятные идеальные лесбиянки я миллионерша Раиса+ Аида любим друг друга, всё у нас хорошо с тобой вместе,как у Елен с Порцией и даже лучше

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